Business Model & Strategy

Our unique market proposition

We are committed to a clear and focused approach that creates value for our guests and returns for our stakeholders. By prioritising the best locations, operational excellence and customer satisfaction, we’ve established a robust foundation for sustainable growth. 

We are synonymous with well-priced quality travel

Our long-standing market presence, outstanding brand recognition and well-invested portfolio has positioned us as the leading brand in the most buoyant sector of the UK hotel market – one of the largest and most resilient hotel markets in the world.

We offer customers a stay which is well-priced, well-located and that they can trust – with our diversified portfolio across the UK, Ireland and Spain with over 80% of our hotels in major city centres, towns and popular holiday destinations.

Travelodge currently operates on a predominantly leasehold basis. Our acquisition of 66 Travelodge branded hotels from LXi REIT in early 2024 marked a positive step as we seek to optimise our portfolio and diversify our freehold/leasehold split to enhance value.

Our Purpose

At Travelodge, our purpose is to help people to go and do their thing by being The Brilliant Base. We’re on a journey towards being The Brilliant Base for all of life’s occasions, from celebrating a birthday or visiting the kids at university, to taking a business trip or going to a concert. We concentrate on the essentials; providing our customers with a well-priced, well-located stay they can trust.

Travelodge is focused on its impact on the environment and its social responsibilities, so we’re doing all we can to be Inclusive, Caring and Conscious for a Better Future.


Ensuring we are accessible, inclusive and well-priced to our customers and colleagues.

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Creating a caring and healthy environment for our colleagues and customers and ensuring their wellbeing.

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Being actively conscious of the waste we produce, the energy and resources we consume and our carbon emissions.

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