Refit Updates | October 4, 2021

The new revamped Travelodge Property website

The revamped property website features host of new stories and case studies

During the summer we have been busy giving our property website a new makeover.  

The enhanced website features our latest property news including details of our new development deals, building projects and new Travelodge hotel openings. In addition, the site also features our development target list – outlining our development strategy and providing vital information on the UK locations that could benefit from a Travelodge hotel and where we would like to open a hotel during the next five years.     

The new Travelodge Property website site also includes information on the following topics:   

·       Our unique leasehold business model on how you can invest in a future Travelodge hotel 

·       Case studies of our latest development projects 

·       Details of Travelodge supporting regional regeneration programmes and mixed use development partnerships such as: (London Manor House Travelodge)

·       The building and design requirements for a new Travelodge hotel

If you would like to get in touch with the Travelodge Property team to discuss any  opportunities please click here: