Travelodge Data Team FAQ

At Travelodge we take the safeguarding of customer data very seriously.

On Friday 29th June 2018 we were notified by Typeform, a third party company who manage customer surveys and competitions on behalf of many companies, including Travelodge, that they have been the victim of a data security incident.


For those affected, please check your email for specific information and find answers to frequently asked questions below. If you didn’t receive an email, you are not affected.


Who was holding my data ?
Typeform are a third party data services company which provide a platform to send customer surveys and competitions on behalf of many companies worldwide, including Travelodge.  They have reported to us a data security incident which has affected data they hold about you. Their website is


Why is Travelodge contacting me now?
We were notified by Typeform of the incident on Friday 29 June 2018.  We have worked during the weekend to isolate how the wider incident impacted Travelodge data, which customers were affected and how to contact those customers.  As soon as that information was available, we wanted to contact customers directly.


How was data security affected?
Typeform has suffered a data security incident which has affected data they hold about you. Typeform have confirmed that unauthorised access to their server data occurred, involving files relating to Travelodge.


What information has been accessed?
The data breached was the information you provided when entering into one or more of the competitions below. The information could have included your name, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth and/or gender and your email will specifically detail which information you provided.

Payment details and passwords have not been affected.

Click & Win August 2017 Competition (Win a FREE stay)
Black Friday / Cyber Monday Remind Me
Email Survey (November 2017)
Black Friday / Cyber Monday Early-Access
Click & Win November 2017 Competition
Take the Travelodge SuperRooms™
Unlock our Biggest Ever SALE
Click & Win January 2018 Competition


What can I do to protect my personal information?
If you suspect fraudulent use of any of your personal information, your first step should be to contact the provider of the service (e.g. bank/online merchant) to make them aware and take any appropriate steps to protect your accounts.

You should remain vigilant for any signs of unusual or unauthorised activity on any accounts relating to the personal information.  While your Travelodge account data and passwords have not been affected, you may wish to review other passwords and security settings that relate to any of the data that has been affected and consider making changes if appropriate.


The National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre recommend:


  • If you get a call from someone who claims to be from Travelodge, don’t give away any personal details.
  • Make sure your spam filter is on your emails. If you find a suspicious email, mark it as spam and delete it to keep out similar emails in future.


What other data do you hold on me and is it affected?
Travelodge holds data on its customers from time to time as set out in our privacy policy located at  This data may include account information, booking details and payment records.  This data has not been affected by his incident.


Can you confirm the source of the incident has been addressed?
Typeform have confirmed to us that they have addressed the source of the incident to prevent any further unauthorised access.


What are you going to do next?
We will continue to work with the UK data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), as well as Typeform to establish how this incident occurred and what can be done to prevent further incidents.


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