London Uncovered: Things to see and do in London’s Lambeth

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Discover the vibrant borough of Lambeth, filled with quirky attractions and historic landmarks. Discover the borough of Lambeth, filled with quirky attractions and landmarks. We’ve got you covered with the best things to do in Lambeth.

Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale MuseumThe Florence Nightingale Museum in London is a must-visit for anyone seeking inspiration from the lady with the lamp. Learn about the life of the iconic figure who revolutionised nursing and healthcare. From interactive exhibits to personal items, this museum brings her story to life in the most engaging way possible.

As you wander through the exhibits, be sure to keep an eye out for Florence’s handwritten letters and diaries which give fascinating insights into her work and struggles. But that’s not all! The museum also offers workshops and talks, giving you a chance to delve deeper into Florence Nightingale’s remarkable legacy. Plus, check the museum’s website for any special events or temporary exhibits during your visit. And don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Nightingale Training School Room. Step into the shoes of the nurses of the past and gain a newfound appreciation for the evolution of healthcare.

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Lambeth Palace

Lambeth PalaceNestled on the banks of the River Thames, Lambeth Palace is a must-visit destination for those seeking a glimpse into the rich history of the city. Begin by taking a stroll through the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace. Inside the palace itself, you’ll be transported to a different time. Admire the stunning medieval architecture and details at every corner.

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Archbishop of Canterbury, as Lambeth Palace serves as their official residence. Keep an eye out for special events and exhibitions happening throughout the year, including the North Lambeth Parish Fete 2023 which will be held in the gardens on Saturday 24th June.

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Vauxhall Bridge

Vauxhall BridgeThe Vauxhall Bridge is a must-visit for anyone seeking a delightful stroll with breathtaking views of the city and River Thames. Strike a pose and let the backdrop of London’s skyline make you feel like a superstar in your very own photoshoot. As you cross the bridge, take a moment to appreciate its elegant design and intricate details. The special ironwork and grand structure are a testament to the city’s rich history.

If you’re clever you’ll plan your visit around sunset, when the bridge is bathed in a warm golden glow. Witness the transformation of the cityscape as the twinkling lights of London come alive, creating a magical ambience that will leave you in awe.

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SIS Building

SIS BuildingPrepare for a thrilling adventure as you set your sights on the iconic Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) building in London. While you won’t gain access to the inside of this secretive institution (sorry, no secret codes or invisible ink here), the sight of the imposing structure itself is enough to ignite your imagination. Channel your inner James or Jane Bond and imagine yourself on a top-secret mission.

And be sure to snap a selfie – who knows, maybe your photo will catch the attention of a real-life agent, and you’ll find yourself recruited for a mission of utmost importance (or perhaps not, but it’s fun to dream)!

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Newport Street Gallery

Newport Street GalleryNewport Street Gallery in London, exhibits work by none other than the legendary artist Damien Hirst. This imaginative hub is an absolute must-visit for anyone interested in the world of contemporary art. Appreciate the eye-catching exterior adorned with vibrant artwork, then step inside to be dazzled by the ever-changing exhibitions curated by the mastermind himself, Damien Hirst. As you explore the gallery, take your time to soak in the details and contemplate the deeper meanings behind each artwork.

Keep an eye out for special events and talks hosted by the gallery. Who knows, you might get a chance to hear from Damien Hirst himself or gain insights from other renowned artists. It’s a golden opportunity to delve into the artistic world and expand your creative horizons.

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Poets Corner

Poets CornerCalling all literature lovers and poetry enthusiasts! Prepare to be enchanted by the magical Poets Corner in London. Tucked away in the historic Westminster Abbey, this literary haven is a must-visit for anyone seeking inspiration and a touch of poetic brilliance. From Shakespeare to Wordsworth, Tennyson to Austen, this is where the greatest minds of the written word find their eternal resting place.

Discover the beautiful memorials and plaques dedicated to their memory, each one a testament to the power of their words. Keep an eye out for the occasional poetry readings or events held at Poets Corner to take your trip to the next level!

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Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Vauxhall Pleasure GardensThe Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London is the perfect place for those craving a dose of lighthearted entertainment and relaxation. Pack a picnic basket filled with your favourite treats and find a cosy spot in the lush greenery. Bask in the sunshine, savour the delicious food, and soak up the joyful atmosphere. It’s the ultimate recipe for a delightful day out!

From water fountains to whimsical statues, the gardens are a feast for the eyes and a playground for the imagination. Keep an eye out for live performances and events that often take place in the gardens. Whether it’s a lively music concert or a captivating theatre production, there’s always something happening to entertain and delight visitors of all ages.

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Boadicea and Her Daughters

Bouadicea and Her Daughters statueThe statue of Boadicea and Her Daughters offers a glimpse into the fierce spirit and strength of this legendary warrior queen.  Marvel at the intricate details and towering presence of the sculpture, capturing the essence of bravery and determination. Feel the energy emanating from Boadicea and her daughters as they ride their chariot, a symbol of rebellion and resilience.

Pro tip: Take a moment to read about Boadicea’s remarkable story, her fight against Roman oppression, and her unwavering spirit. It’s a tale that will inspire you to face life’s obstacles with courage and tenacity.

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