Infographic: Missing out on sleep? Your bedroom wall colours could be to blame…

What colour are your bedroom walls?

As well as being a central part of any interior-design scheme, the colour that you paint your walls could have a dramatic effect on the amount of sleep you get every night according to a new study by Travelodge.

Sleeping in a purple, brown or grey room? Then you might want to grab a paintbrush as the survey, which looked at 2,000 British homes, found that they were the least sleep-inducing colours, while blue came out as a clear winner, followed by yellow and then green. In fact, 58% of Britons with a blue wall colour reported waking up feeling happy and refreshed. The colour blue is said to be associated with calming and soothing feelings which help to prevent nightmares.

The study also took a look at the most popular room colours by profession and found that civil servants, teachers and builders were most likely to be tuned in to the benefits of blue bedrooms, while bankers, estate agents and engineers were most likely to get it wrong by painting their room a gold colour which is thought to provoke financial anxiety.

For more information on the most slumber-friendly decorating styles, take a look at this infographic:

Bedroom Wall Colour Infographic