The Best Cocktail Bars in the UK

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There’s nothing quite as impressive as a good cocktail. Forget the boring glass of wine or a tired old pint, if you’re looking to add some va va voom to your evening, a cocktail is without a doubt the way forward.

It was good enough for James Bond, it was a daily staple for Hemmingway and it’s been a major part of Hollywood and the glamour of fame since the dawn of time.

And now, mixologists are as creative as the famous people who enjoyed classic cocktails back in their heyday. Sure, you can still get a Manhattan but what about bacon-infused bourbon or a strawberry and balsamic vinegar Martini?

So if that’s whetted your whistle, here are some of the best cocktail bars in the UK in order for you to get your fix of pure alchemy in style.

The Raconteur, Edinburgh

Run by award winning bartenders, The Raconteur will have you telling stories as fluently as its namesake after a few of their fantastic cocktails. A modern bar with plenty of knowing nods to a more classic looking tavern, this is somewhere you cannot miss on any trip to the Scottish capital.

Stay in our Edinburgh hotel to sleep off the inevitable hangover after you decide you want to try everything on the menu!

The Alchemist, Manchester

If Heston Blumenthal or Willy Wonka did cocktails, he’d get his inspiration from The Alchemist in Manchester. Opened in 2010, this bar is now a stalwart of the burgeoning food and drink scene that is taking Manchester by storm.

It will surprise, excite and please your taste buds with a number of crazy and scientific drink making methods. Crash out at our Manchester hotel after.

Dukes, London

A legend in its own right, Dukes of London is world famous for its Martinis and cocktails personalised to the tastes of its patrons, which is perhaps why its most famous patron is none other than Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books. The bar is said to be the birthplace of the classic line, ‘shaken, not stirred’.

Staying at our London hotel means you will have time to live the complete James Bond fantasy including riding a speedboat down the Thames and rolling down the Millennium Dome (not really.)

The Maven, Leeds

With the pre-Prohibition d├ęcor and cocktails with a creative twist, this little Leeds establishment is tucked away but well worth a visit. Much more than a cocktail bar, The Maven is Leeds’ best kept secret.

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