Get Up & Go Guide: Blackpool

iStock_blackpoolBlackpool isn’t typically known for its food, well maybe the rock, but in the past I’ve been told that people haven’t been able to find restaurants and cafes which are unique to the Town. One of the advantages of Blackpool is that it’s quite compact, so you can cover a lot of area in a short space of time. Along with a car-full of kids, arm yourself with this Local’s Guide to Blackpool:

1. West Coast Rock Café
Slap bang in the centre of St. John’s Square, just opposite the Winter Gardens is one of Blackpool’s most lively and vibrant independent restaurants. West Coast Rock Café is Blackpool’s answer to American’s finest, but don’t let its small-town credentials fool you. This American diner always delivers on the variety of food, service and perpetually upbeat atmosphere. West Coast has been a firm local favourite for years, with its mix of classic American food, fast-paced service and family-friendly music inspired environment.

2. Notrianni Ice Cream Parlour

This is the place where ice cream dreams are well and truly whipped. One of Blackpool’s oldest and most loved destinations, Notarianni Ice Cream Parlor opened its doors in 1928 and has been in the same location ever since. They produce beautifully rich, creamy and sweet vanilla ice cream, using their own old Italian recipe, which instantly takes me back to my childhood after one taste.  Notarianni’s is just a five minute walk from Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach  Travelodge hotel. Not to be missed.


3. Roberts’ Oyster Bar

Blackpool and its surrounding towns and villages are famed for their links to the fishing trade, so it comes as no surprise that I’ve included a seafood Bar on the list. Roberts’ Oyster Bar may well be the last of its kind in the centre. Directly opposite Blackpool’s North Pier and literally around the corner from Travelodge City Centre, sits a charmingly unassuming seafood restaurant + takeaway selling the finest produce from around the Flyde Coast.

4. Indian Orchard

Good food is always worth traveling for, and just 5 minute’s drive out of the town centre you’ll find the best Indian resturant in town. Exceptional flavours at prices which never fail to disappoint. A close second would be Michael’s on Whitegate Drive.


5. Toast Café Bar + Grill

Toast is a great place to grab a light lunch and bistro style food. Located in the busy town centre, around 100 yards from the beautiful Grand Theatre (another must-see), the Bar + Grill serves a section of burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and snacks, along with pasta and Mediterranean foods. As the evening hits the restaurant turns into a modern cocktail bar with an inviting atmosphere.

6. The Blue Room

The only truly alternative drinking establishment in the town which doesn’t pander to commercial conformities or trashy trends. If you fancy a drink in somewhere with good music which doesn’t scream stag-do or sweat-infused dance floors then pop the Blue Room into your Google Maps app.


7. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

If you’re traveling up to Blackpool for a break the chances are this place will already be on your list. But just in case it’s not and you’ve never heard of The Pleasure Beach before, it’s one of the UK’s most visited tourist attraction and one of the top 20 most popular amusement parks in the world!

Expect to find fast-paced modern rollercoasters such as Big One (once the world’s tallest + fastest!) along with nostalgic wooden rides like Grand National and Big Dipper. Nickelodeon Land ticks the boxes for the kids too.  If you’re planning to visit the Pleasure Beach I’d recommend booking your stay at the Travelodge South Promenade location, as you couldn’t be closer!

8. Blackpool Tower, Illuminations + The Comedy Carpet

What trip to Blackpool would be complete without visiting its most famous attraction? Blackpool Tower stands at over 500 ft. tall and sits on top of the stunning Tower Ballroom (where the Strictly Come Dancing Finale is staged). Take a trip up to the top and set foot on the glass walkway where you will see 360 degree views of the Fylde Coast. Look straight down and you will also spot the Illuminations and The Comedy Carpet, the latter being an art installation which celebrates Blackpool’s colourful connections with the entertainment industry.

9. Stanley Park

The largest park in the town and somewhere I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 20-odd years. Perfect for an early morning run or pic-nic in the summer. Check out the boating lake in the centre.


10. Cycling Down the Prom

Recent developments have made the promenade the perfect place to rent out a bike and travel down the stretching coastline. Wide, open planes make it a brilliant way to get around the town in summer. You will pass a few places we’ve mentioned above too, including The Pleasure Beach, Notarianni’s, Roberts’ Oyster House and The Comedy Carpet. A perfect way to view the Illuminations, with the added bonus of no traffic jams.

Well I think that just above covers a Local’s Guide to Blackpool! The town is full of other surprises, like Ghost Trains, Swimming Pools and of course, the beach. You’ll never be short of things to do. So grab your Buckets & Spades and get down here!

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