How to pack for a weekend away

English weather. We talk about it; we complain about it; we seem to be totally incapable of predicting it. One day, it’ll seem like summer, and then the next, the storm clouds will roll in. Packing for a mini break within the British Isles can be a bit of challenge, because you never know quite what you’re going to need. But if you’re planning a weekend away in one of our Travelodge hotels, here are some things you shouldn’t forget, to help make sure you make the most of time, whatever the weather:


1)     An umbrella

It sounds like an obvious one. But if it rains, don’t let that keep you inside. In fact, you might even find most big outdoor tourist attractions more enjoyable in poor weather, because it’ll have scared off the wimpy visitors. Wrap up warm, pop up your umbrella, and go and see whatever sights were on your bucket list. There’s nothing like warming up in a good old British pub after being out in some rough weather.


2)     Comfortable walking shoes

Even if you’re staying in a city for the weekend, comfortable walking shoes are a must. Not only do happy feet make anything you do more enjoyable – they’ll actually encourage you to go out and do more than you would have otherwise. Fancy seeing the view from the top of the hill? Climb up there. Don’t want to waste money on a taxi back to the hotel? Walk instead, and see all sorts of things on the way.


3)     Sun-cream

Believe it or not, when the sun finally does come out, it can be very strong in Britain. If you find yourself on the south coast, a day at the beach will leave you with a crispy nose, unless you remember to put some sun protection on. Even if you’re further north, it’s not a bad idea to use sunscreen when you’re doing anything outdoorsy. Your skin will thank you later!


4)     A picnic blanket

If you’re lucky enough to get some warm weather on your trip away, a picnic is a great way to enjoy it. Visit a little shop to buy some local goodies, and set off into the countryside to find the most scenic spot for lunch. You could even bring a bottle of something nice – just don’t forget a corkscrew!


5)     Something fancy

It’s tempting, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, to forget about dressing up every once in a while. But if you’ve taken the opportunity to fit in a weekend away, it’s the perfect time to get out your glad rags and go out on the town. It doesn’t have to be something expensive either: watch out for deals on meals out, or last-minute reduced-rate theatre tickets.


6)     Your camera

Weekends away are about gathering friends or family and making the best memories, so don’t forget to bring your camera to capture them. Book a big table in a country pub, or plan something outdoorsy for some snaps to fill up your album.


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