The Perfect Weekend in Brighton

If you’re looking for somewhere to go to enjoy the warmer weather, the seaside town of Brighton should be at the top of your list. With classically British beach culture and a real diversity of inhabitants and visitors, Brighton is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. Stay in our Brighton hotel for the weekend, and work your way through all of these exciting things to do:



The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery should be at the top of your to-do list, particularly since it’s free. The small museum has a great exhibit on the history of the city. Then, The Penny Arcade Museum will thrill the younger members of the group, or just the young at heart, as it has a brilliant collection of antique arcade games that you can still play today. Swap a little bit of modern money for some old English pennies, and you’ll all be amused for hours.



The most famous tourist attraction in Brighton has to be the spectacular Royal Pavilion. Built originally as a royal play palace at the end of the 18th century, it was continually developed and extended until it became the unbelievable mishmash of elaborate architectural styles it is today. After you’ve spent a good while wandering around, go for a ride on the lesser-known Volks Railway. The old-fashioned train line runs along the coast, offering great views of the Brighton Pier, and taking you all the way to the Marina.


Family Fun

The Brighton Pier is a must for all the family. With amusement arcades, fairground rides, and candyfloss and ice cream galore, the pier offers some good old-fashioned fun. The Lanes is a great place to go wandering—with lots of adorable shops and little streets—and if you want to persuade the family to explore the area with you, why not go on a ghost tour of it? The Ghost Walk of the Lanes is a great way to fill an evening, and the guides are full of energy and creepy stories.



Brighton is a hub of nightlife activity, particularly as it is known as the gay capital of the UK. Big clubs like Revenge attract people from all over the country, but tend to be very busy, so why not head for the smaller ones, like the very cool Blind Tiger Club.  You’ll find live music everywhere, as well as stand-up comedy, but if you’re looking for a more formal evening, the Brighton Dome has all sorts of great ticketed events.



Being on the sea, Brighton is obviously famous for its fish, but it is also well known for its ability to stay ahead of the curve of modern cuisine. Here are some places to check out:


Breakfast: The New Club is one of those oh-so-cool coffee houses that also does great cocktails and some delicious small plates. Brunch is the time to be there, for the opportunity to try their hash browns and duck eggs, or their Bloody Mary with bacon in it.


Lunch: Brighton is the sort of city that’s always ahead of the latest trends, which is why they’ve had a string of some excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants for a while now. Food for Friends on Prince Albert Street is a great place for lunch, with all sorts of yummy, wholesome salads and veggie dishes.


Tea: You won’t find a more quirky or kooky tearoom than The Tea Cosy. Truly a unique place, it is full of royal family memorabilia, mismatched china and, of course, knitted tea cosies.


Dinner: You can’t go to Brighton without eating fish and chips, and Bardsley’s on Baker Street is widely considered the best. Eat in the simple little restaurant, or take your battered cod to the pier, and prepare to fend off the seagulls.


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