Getting a good night’s sleep away from home

There’s nothing quite like sleeping in the comfort of your own bed, so getting a decent night’s kip while staying away from home can be a challenge. Check out our tips below on how to nod off with ease in a new location.

Block out the distractions

Drifting off somewhere new and unfamiliar can be difficult because it is not your normal environment.The amount of noise and light are two factors that can change depending on location and they play a huge part in a successful rest. Pick up some ear plugs and an eye mask for your travels to combat these issues just in case.

Say “no” to screen time

Our electronic devices are never too far from us, especially while away, so it can be hard to steer clear. But switching them off an hour before sleeping can really help us to switch off too. Most modern screens produce blue light which stimulates the brain, delays our body’s internal clock, and slows the release of our sleep-inducing hormones meaning getting that much needed rest is far more of a challenge. Shut down your tech as early as possible in the evening and you’ll feel more alert and refreshed in the morning.

Stick to your routine

Though your day to day activities are likely to be different while you are away, ensure that the time you tuck yourself up in bed remains the same. As creatures of habit, both going to bed and waking up at a similar time will ultimately provide the best sleep whilst in a different environment.

Think about what you drink

We’re all guilty of having ‘one more drink’ while away, and though it can bring that sleepy feeling, alcohol can actually hinder us later in the night. Sleep after drinking is frequently interrupted by unwanted awakenings, nightmares and even night sweats. Coffee and tea are no friends before bed either – both contain caffeine which stimulates our brains, so dozing off is harder and our overall quality of sleep is worse. It is recommended that we stop consuming any of the above at least 4 hours before getting some shut-eye.