Millions of Britons are sleeping on a mattress that has passed its snooze-by date and is detrimental to their health

Nearly half of Britons have yet to make the link between poor sleep and the quality of their mattress. 

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A UK Mattress Census to mark National Bed Month (March) has revealed that nearly a third (31%) of British adults (approx. 14 million) are sleeping on a mattress that has passed its snooze-by date and is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. One in ten Britons are actually sleeping on a mattress that is up to 20 years old and was purchased when Tony Blair was Prime Minister and Girls Aloud had a number one single with Sound of the Underground. 
Considering we spend a third of our lifetime in bed and we are dependent on sleep to help us function, make us beautiful and give us longevity, nearly half of Britons have yet to make the link between poor sleep and the quality of their mattress. 46% of adults surveyed reported that they are aware that their mattress would fail a bed MOT test – however it is not a priority to change it.
These findings have been revealed in a new UK Mattress Census by Travelodge, who went through the keyhole of 2,000 British homes to assess the state of the nation’s mattresses.   
Key findings from the Census also revealed that 43% of Britons reported that their mattress is so uncomfortable they can feel the springs prodding through and it makes squeaking noises during the night.  A fifth (20%) of these respondents reported that they constantly wake up feeling achy and experience back pain due to their expired mattress.
Interestingly when respondents were quizzed on how often they should replace their mattress a quarter (25%) of adults stated around 15 years which is double the recommended time of changing your mattress. Experts advise that you should change your mattress on average every seven years. Just over a quarter (27%) of adults stated that they use the warranty that their mattress came with as a benchmark to determine when it needs to be replaced.     
Over a quarter (27%) of adults surveyed reported that they would keep sleeping on their expired mattress until it actually fell apart.  
Another compelling fact is that only 17% of Britons reported waking up feeling refreshed every morning. Just three out of ten (30%) of adults reported that their bed is the most important procession in their home and they have invested in a good mattress.
When it comes to the nation’s preferred type of mattress, 59% of Britons prefer a medium firm mattress on the firmness scale and 27% of adults opt for a firm mattress. The study also revealed a double size bed is the nation’s preferred bed size with 29% opting for a king size and one in ten Britons supersizing to a super king bed. Interestingly 28% of Britons surveyed reported that they prefer to relax in their bed rather than the sofa.
Other findings revealed that on average Britons are spending seven hours and forty three minutes per week in bed not sleeping. Half of the nation (50%) likes to socialise in bed and catch up with emails, respond to text messages and make phone calls. Whilst shopping between the sheets is a favourite pass time for 32% of adults.  

Detailed below are the top ten things Britons like to do in bed apart from sleeping: 

  1. Socialise and chatter in bed

  2. Online shopping

  3. Read a book

  4. Watch TV

  5. Listen to music

  6. Answer emails

  7. Pay bills

  8. Work

  9. Listen to a podcast

  10. Mediate

The study also went undercover to seek the nation’s views on bed making and bed attire and findings revealed that 43% of adults are day seizers and making their bed is the first task of the day.
Over a quarter (27%) of adults prefer to get washed and dressed and then return to make their bed. One in ten Britons reported that they do not make their bed and just get into a messy bed at the end of the day. Nearly a third (31%) of adults reported that they cannot leave their house without making their bed.
On average Britons spend two minutes to make their bed in the morning. Nearly a fifth of perfectionists will dedicate five minutes every morning to make their bed.
When it comes to changing the bedding 42% of Britons religiously change their bedding every week. Over a third (36%) of adults reported that they change their bedding every fortnight and 20% of respondents admitted they change their bedding every month. On average, British adults take 12 minutes to change their bedding.  The average British bed has four sets of bedding (duvet cover and pillows). Nearly four out of ten adults (39%) reported that their bed has to look immaculate as it is a reflection of them and their bedding is co-ordinated and matching.  
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