Tips and advice for getting the best deal

Searching for a great deal can sometimes be a minefield, but here at Travelodge we like to make things that little bit easier. That’s why we’ve put together a few handy tips so you can bag the best deal for your next stay.

1. Look out for the red banners

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To make our deals easier to find, when you search for your hotel or location, a red banner will pop up showing you that the hotel you’ve chosen is eligible, and what discount you’ve unlocked. To make things that little bit simpler, we will put your discount code at the checkout ready for you to apply when you’re ready to book. Grey banners will show up if your hotel choice is not eligible for the promotion.

2. Book for Sundays and mid-week

Book Sundays and mid-week

Friday and Saturday nights are busy times for services and businesses across the UK- including hotels. Considering a Sunday or mid-week staycation could save you money and may also make for a quieter stay too. Many attractions across the UK such as Cadbury World, also have great money saving opportunities and exciting things to on less busy days, so staying out of peak times may be a wise move.

3. Consider an out of town hotel

You don’t always have to stay right in the centre of town to get the best experience, and the same thing goes for price. In fact, if you’re prepared to travel a little further and stay a little further out of town, you could be in for a great deal. An extra bonus is that some of the out of town areas can often be quieter than the centre of town, and there may be more availability for parking too.

4. Be flexible with dates

It may not always be a possibility, but if you’re able to be more flexible on the start and end dates of your stay, you could get a great deal. For example, staying in the midst of a big event, or a school holiday may not be as kind on the cash. If you can compromise between your stay needs, the location and the dates, you could save some money.

5. Try somewhere new

As the saying goes, ‘change is good’ and with a Travelodge Sale including lots of great value rooms up for grabs, there’s no better time to discover somewhere new. Rather than picking the same location or hotel again, see if there is a great deal at a location on the map you’ve never considered before. It may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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