Beyond the Lanes: Brighton’s Hidden Gems

Famous for its seasides, piers and brilliant retail spots, Brighton is a great place to have a staycation. But if you want to learn more about the city and its most incredible hidden gems, then look no further!

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite Brighton hidden gems!

The Royal Pavilion

Brighton's Royal Pavilion

If you’re thinking to yourself, this doesn’t seem like it belongs in Brighton, then you wouldn’t be the only one! This stunning palace resembling the Taj Mahal was constructed for King George IV during the regency era, and is very significant to Brighton’s growing history. The pavilion was since turned into a historical museum, filled with memorabilia and exhibitions based on the previous residents. Entry is free, but they also hold fascinating audio tours of exclusive parts of the pavilion that are worth seeing!

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Undercliff Walk

The undercliff walk in Brighton on a sunny day

Running from Brighton Marina all the way to Saltdean is the Undercliff Walk, a 5km long path that runs around the cliffs of Brighton. It was installed to help with the erosion of the nearby cliffs, but occasionally in high tides water can make its way onto the walk and cause falls of chalk and flint. This path gives you a stunning view of the coastline and is something that needs to be on your list if you’re planning a visit. You can also hire bicycles and make it into a fun day out!

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Devil’s Dyke

Devil's Dyke at sunset

This stunning spot of beauty on the South Downs is often overlooked. With an impressive panoramic landscape, a record-breaking valley, and plenty of walking trails amongst the shrubbery, Devil’s Dyke is one of the local favourites. If you venture into the valley you will be met with a stunning carpet of flowers and insects. Why not hire some bikes and bring a picnic basket to make this visit fun for the whole family!

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Upside Down House

Upside Down House Brighton

This strange house sits on the shorefront in Brighton, and has wonders to behold inside! As one of the UK’s only topsy-turvy attractions, the Upside Down House in Brighton is an experimental piece of street art that offers a unique experience for guests. For just £6.95 per person, you can experience the house and get some crazy photos for your Instagram! Where else could you get a photo of your head in a toilet?

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Clayton Tunnel North Portal

Clayton Tunnel North Portal

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This unique landmark sits in the small village of Clayton between Brighton and Burgess Hill. Originally built in the 1800s, the Gothic folly you see today was built to appease the local landowner to allow the 1 mile train tunnel to be built. To this day, the tunnel is still used for lots of connecting journeys and has many secret tunnels and compartments hidden inside. Occasionally there are exclusive events held where you can tour the tunnel at night, but due to its daytime usage, these are rare so if you get the opportunity be sure to be quick!

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