Discover the top sights and things to do in Murcia

Sun-drenched Murcia in Spain is a total charmer, brimming with history, gorgeous art, and nature that’ll knock your socks off.

Think ancient castles whispering secrets, stunning Baroque masterpieces that’ll make your jaw drop and plazas and gardens perfect for soaking up the good vibes. Intrigued? Discover the top sites and things to do in Murcia below!

Murcia Cathedral

Cathedral of Santa MariaStepping into the Murcia Cathedral is like journeying through time! From the sky-high bell tower (the second tallest in Spain!) offering panoramic city views, to the hidden artistic gems within, like the intricately carved chapels, a visit here is a guaranteed feast for the senses. Don’t miss your chance to be awestruck by this architectural masterpiece – it’s sure to leave a lasting impression!

Veronicas Market

Veronicas MarketLove getting a taste of local life when you travel? Then Mercado de Veronicas in Murcia is a must-visit! This bustling indoor market is a feast for the senses. Imagine colourful stalls overflowing with fresh produce, glistening fish, and cured meats. Wander through the aisles chatting with friendly vendors and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to snag delicious ingredients for a picnic or try some local tapas at the market’s eateries. Trust me, Veronicas Market is a delightful way to experience the heart of Murcia!

Plaza de las Flores

Plaza de las FloresWhen in Murcia, you absolutely have to check out Plaza de las Flores. This charming square is bursting with tapas bars and restaurants, all with inviting outdoor seating. Soak up the Spanish sunshine whilst sipping a cool drink and savouring mouthwatering local specialities. Plus, the plaza itself is a sight to behold, with a beautiful fountain and maybe even a few flower stalls (as the name suggests!).

It’s the perfect place to relax, unwind, and experience the true heart of Murcia.

Sanctuary of La Fuensanta

Sanctuary of La FuensantaThe Sanctuary of La Fuensanta is a feast for the eyes! This stunning Baroque church perched on a hilltop boasts incredible views of the city and surrounding countryside. But it’s not just the panorama that will take your breath away. Inside, you’ll find intricate golden decorations and a peaceful atmosphere. Plus, there’s a fascinating legend about a healing fountain – who knows, maybe you’ll strike it lucky!

Salzillo Museum

Salzillo MuseumThe Salzillo Museum in Murcia is a must-see! It’s all about the incredible work of Francisco Salzillo, a sculptor who captured the drama and emotion of Christianity in his breathtaking pieces. You’ll see giant Easter parade floats and a mind-blowing nativity scene with hundreds of figures. Trust us, Salzillo’s artistry is unforgettable!

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