Booking for Britmums Live Bloggers Conference

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing a blogger most of your blogging life is spent behind a computer screen reading, writing and being immersed in social media daily, with your life laid bare for all to read.

So last year when the rumour’s started about the prestigious Britmums Live I was terrified, terrified I would have to travel to London on my own, terrified that people would not like me (why that still bothers me at 34 I have no idea) terrified that I would get lost and most of all terrified of where I would end up staying. I know I am strange and that in most cases when visiting London people love deciding on where to stay but to a non city dweller, with no sense of direction, no idea of what to expect from the weekend itself and on the whole being a great big scardycat, I was beyond sick with nerves! This being the case there was only one choice for me, Travelodge. I knew what I could expect, it would be a reasonable price, I would get a clean and comfortable room and even better than that it was only a small walk away from a station I knew how to get to and the venue itself… When I heard about the carvery style breakfast downstairs I was sold!

While attending that weekend I was totally out of my depth and my comfort zone was a long and distant memory.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI spent a large proportion of the weekend searching peoples chest region for name badges (I’m not a perv honestly) as it seemed most of us knew more about the other person’s blogs content, along with what their children looked like than we do on what another blogger looks like!

However, with informative workshops and plenty of cake you really can’t go far wrong at this event. I laughed, I cried buckets and I really and truly felt accepted at being part of such an amazing community of social influencers for the first time since I became a blogger.

It will forever remain one of the highlights of my blogging journey.

So it won’t be any surprise when I say to you I am off again this year, with my ticket booked and some amazing bloggers to spend time with, workshops to attend, cake to munch and new friendships to form I will be there with bells on … where will I be staying? Travelodge all the way!