3 UK Destinations for a Valentine’s Day to Remember

iStock_000016858806XSmallIt’s that time of year. The time when big fluffy cards, heart-shaped boxes and dodgy underwear all enjoy a big spike in sales, that’s right, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day.

While we all love having a one-hour window to enjoy an overpriced set menu before being unceremoniously shoved out the door of our local restaurant, how about we all try something different this year?

There. I’ve said it. Forget the chocolates, bin the flowers and do away with dinner, this Valentine’s Day why not try a change of scenery.

With that in mind, here are three romantic breaks that would put Casanova to shame:

Medieval magic

Who could resist a knight in shining armour, on a white steed riding to the rescue this February? Who could ignore a pretty damsel in distress for that matter? Well if that sounds like your idea of romance, why not visit Warwick castle?

The product of a time when chivalry was very much alive, the castle itself is like something out of a Fairytale and perfect for the dashing prince or beautiful princess in your life.

Stay at one of our hotels near Warwick to make a romantic weekend of it.

Rolling hills and romance

The Cotswolds are one of the most picturesque and breathtaking parts of Britain, so it’s easy to see why the area is so popular with loved up couples of all ages.

Take a stroll though the villages and vistas of the area, stop off in a cosy pub for lunch and walk hand-in-hand past babbling brooks and swaying trees.

Highlights include the cute cottages of Tetbury, the period romance of Bath and Oxford, and the natural beauty of Stroud. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay then look no further than the gateway to the Cotswolds and enjoy one of our hotels in Cheltenham.

Your very own saucy seaside postcard

If rolling waves, sea air and walks along the beach are more your idea of romance but you want to avoid the ‘traditional’ British holiday location, Brighton is the ideal destination this Valentine’s Day.

Not short of counter-cultures, hip bars and restaurants and an anything goes spirit, this will be a weekend away you’ll never forget.

Fish and chips out of the paper, ice cream on the pier, cocktails and a meal, and then back to one of our hotels in Brighton. Sounds like the makings of the perfect Valentine’s Day.

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