5 Royal Residences – Current & Past

With a new prince on the scene, the UK has gone royalty mad. If you fancy getting a glimpse of things on the other side of the gilded gates, now is a great time to plan a trip to one or two of the royal residences. With many parts of the Royal family’s homes on show, there is plenty to see and do to capture the imagination of any visitor. Here’s a guide to 5 of the royal residences:

Buckingham Palace

The best known of any of the palaces is a must for everyone. See the balcony where Will kissed Kate, stroll down The Mall and watch the all important Changing of the Guard. The Royal Mewses are just around the corner too and they are open to the public, offering the opportunity to see all the royal carriages close up. Book a room in one of our London hotels to experience one of the most famous working palaces in the world.


Windsor Castle

There are few castles that look quite as spectacularly castle-like as Windsor Castle viewed from the Long Walk. Built originally in the 11th century, the building’s history is long and fascinating. Witness state rooms, learn about  historical battles and see the spectacular art collection including plenty of personal pieces related to the lives of the royal family. Stay in our Windsor Central hotel to be at the heart of the action.


Balmoral Castle

This Scottish royal residence is a real, private escape for Her Majesty, but from November onwards, guided tours of the grounds are on offer so you can sneak a peak at the famous house. Set in beautiful Royal Deeside, the house is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, particularly suitable for walking enthusiasts. Book a room in our Aberdeen Central hotel and see for yourself why the royals picked this spot as their bolt hole of choice.

Balmoral Castle

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Edinburgh is a beautiful city so it’s no surprise it’s the setting for another stunning royal residence. At the end of the Royal Mile, opposite the Edinburgh Castle, it’s right in the thick of things. A visit here is necessarily combined with some of the city’s other famous sites. But within the palace you can see the King’s apartments and the Great Gallery. Some believe the naked ghost of Bald Agnes walks these corridors too, so be prepared for a spooky encounter. Stay in one of our Edinburgh hotels for a perfect Scottish getaway.

Sandringham House

The country retreat of Her Royal Highness is well worth a visit. As well as being set in a lovely park which is open to the public, the house also contains a museum that will tell you everything you could want to know about royal life. The surrounding part of the country is designated the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and it’s prime territory for getting out in the fresh air. Our Kings Lynn Long Sutton hotel is just 16 miles from the house.

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