5 Things To Do In Leeds

Leeds is probably most talked about for its festival or its student population. But the city with such a great industrial history has so much to offer any visitor. With beautiful parks, great food, and some epic nightlife, Leeds will fill up a weekend away easily. Stay in one of our Leeds hotels and you’ll be in prime position to enjoy some of this:


Temple Newsam House has been lovingly restored and is great for exploring and learning all about its history. The Royal Armories are not to be missed, as the scale of the national collection will have your jaw on the floor. The Thackray Medical Museum has won lots of awards, and with all its interactive exhibits, including the chance to hear and smell what it was like to live in the grimy streets of Victorian Leeds, you can understand why.


Leeds may be a built up city, but it’s full of lovely parks, so don’t miss the opportunity to go out for a wander. See Roundhay Park, and you’ll get the chance to visit Tropical World, which houses reptiles, butterflies, monkeys and all sorts of critters. Park Square is a great one for a picnic and it’s just round the corner from the Town Hall, which is one of the city’s must see landmarks.

Family Fun

The Middleton Railway claims to be the oldest working railway in world. Visit at the weekends and you can hop on board for a scenic ride powered by good old-fashioned steam. Or if trains aren’t your thing, the canal is a great alternative. Arrange in advance to go for a cruise on a narrow boat, or simply wander along the towpath and watch the world float by.


If you fancy something a bit different, the Hyde Park Picture House is a wonderfully preserved old cinema, and is a great place to see a film. But for the buzzy part of the city, head to one of the big clubs, like The Cockpit, Oceana or Tiger, Tiger, or opt for the cooler Mint Club for an underground feel.


With its famous foodie paradise in the form of Kirkgate market, it’s not surprising that Leeds has grown a real culinary side. Here are some of the best options for no-fuss good food:

Breakfast: There’s nothing as British as an artery-clogging full breakfast, and you’ll find a brilliantly cheap version of it at The Greedy Pig. Don’t expect luxury, or to be able to eat for the rest of the day.

Lunch: With Leeds’ industrial heritage, The Engine House Café is a perfect slice of what the city has to offer. Great food, and an environment with real personality.

Tea: Yorkshire tea is the best tea, so you can’t go to Leeds without going out for a good cuppa. You could go for the fancy options at Harvey Nichols or Flannels, but The Tiled Hall Café in the City Art Gallery is more likely to knock your socks off.

Dinner: There are very few restaurants as loved by every patron as Truffles. It’s a bit of a special treat place, but the food is fabulous and the atmosphere very inviting. Don’t miss it.