The Best Burger in the UK

iStock_000020980693XSmallFood fads come and go but one has endured for as long as most of us can remember. From the humble hamburger, to the weird and wonderful gourmet offerings we now see almost everywhere, the Great British burger is here to stay.

But with popularity comes sloppiness (and not the good kind) so while everyone has their idea of the perfect burger, it’s easy to end up with an overcooked, under-seasoned mess.

Fear not! There are plenty of establishments across the UK that will take you straight to burger heaven in a mere bite, hand you the perfect patty on a plate and bring brilliant buns to the table. So without further ado, here are some of the best burgers in the UK.

The Burger Joint, Bristol

If you’re fussy when it comes to your burger, or fancy yourself a dab hand as a gastronomic inventor, then The Burger Joint in Bristol is the place for you. Build your own burger from a quite frankly ridiculous range of ingredients and see what sort of innovative combos you can come up with.

The owners reckon there are 78,912,800 different permutations if you include sauces and sides. Stay at one of our Bristol hotels and you might be able to get through a good few of them!

Schwartz Bros, Bath

Schwartz Bros is a wonderful tonic to the hipster burger joints popping up in our major cities and it sticks to what it does best – simple takeaway burgers made from the finest local ingredients.

The local following it boasts shows just how good they are. Fresh burgers made to offer all under a fiver each – what’s not to love? Stay in one of our Bath hotels to explore what else this beautiful city has to offer.

Almost Famous, Manchester

An achingly cool burger joint in Manchester, luckily the burgers stand up to all the hipster hype. Interestingly named burgers and sides, including the likes of Trailer Trash Fries, plus a trendy interior means this is great for a night out, well that and the Tiger’s Blood (one of their house liquors.)

Check out our Manchester hotels if you fancy making a weekend of it.

MeatLiquor, London

Queues out the door and down the road is a sure sign of one of the original popular burger joints in London – MeatLiquor. If it’s worth waiting in line shivering in the cold for hours then it must be good – and it is.

Decadent burgers slathered in sauce, chilli cheese fries to die for and the best Buffalo wings this side of the Atlantic – this is a Mecca for burger connoisseurs.

You’ll eat so much that you’ll probably need somewhere to lie down afterwards so check out our London hotels and spend a few days in the Big Smoke.

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