4 Cheap and Cheerful Ideas to Keep the Kids Happy this Half Term

iStock_000014828429XSmallIt’s fast-approaching that time of year again – a time when parents are pulling their hair out, kids are running wild and a bit of bad weather can result in a severe case of cabin fever. We are of course talking about half term.

But while the kids can’t wait and the parents might be dreading it, all it needs is a bit of planning and some imagination to ensure this half term is the best one yet.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a budget either – there are plenty of cheap and even free events and attractions across the UK for the whole family to enjoy. To make everything even easier Travelodge are offering kids go free deals where your little ones can both stay and eat for nothing. A half term getaway doesn’t seem so daunting now does it?

Still need convincing? Here are four cheap but fun things to do this half term:

Keep it simple

With loads of bridges criss-crossing the River Thames it’s the perfect location for a game of Pooh Sticks! Couple that with a stay in one of our London hotels taking in all the sights that the capital has to offer. You could even add in a walk or cycle along the way and you’ve got the perfect half term trip!

Take a trip to the pictures

Vue cinemas across the country offer great deals for kids during half term. With their Kids AM scheme tickets for 2D films are just £1.50 while a 3D film will set you back just £2.50. Who knows, you might enjoy the film too!

Discover the world of Harry Potter

The full film sets in London are brilliant but a bit pricey so if you want a cheaper taste of everyone’s favourite boy wizard then some of the film locations are dotted around the country, free for you to explore yourself.

An optician shop in London’s Leadenhall Market was used as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron, but the snowy scene where Harry set free the owl in the first film, and Ron had a run in with some slugs in the second, is at Durham cathedral.

Check out our hotels in Durham to make a weekend of it!

All aboard the half term trains!

If the idea of a packed car with the kids screaming ‘are we there yet?’ is your idea of hell, why not take the train?

‘It’s too expensive!’ I hear you cry! Well yes, it can be, but when booking a Group Save off peak deal for three or four people then kids can often travel for just £1! It’s also well worth keeping an eye out for other deals and discounts throughout the year as travelling at times other than the usual peaks in service means you can often bag yourself a bargain.

The deals serve all over the country but we’d recommend Bath for a great family weekend away. Beautiful scenery and plenty to do means it’s ideal for a half term trip and our hotels in Bath mean you can stay in style (while still sticking to your budget!)


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