The London Chocolate Festival

iStock_000021665463XSmallAny chocoholic will not want to miss The London Chocolate festival 2013 at The Southbank Centre from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of December. This free festival is a celebration of all things chocolate and will leave anybody with a sweet tooth feeling absolutely heavenly!

The festival comes just in time for Christmas, so is also a great place to stock up on any last minute stocking fillers or splash out on luxurious chocolatey gifts.

As well as shopping to your hearts content, take part in as many excellent workshops and tastings as you like (most are just £2) in the Chocolate Cookery Theatre. Learn exciting new skills and whisk up devilish delights, from chilli chocolate sauce to passion fruit truffles, a sure way to wow guests over Christmas!

Some highlights of the Chocolate festival include a chance to :

  • Indulge in a Valrhona Chocolate Afternoon Tea, based on the best selling novel and film ‘Chocolat’. Feel yourself being whisked away to a small French village and even imagine yourself being serenaded by the beautiful Jonny Depp! Sip champagne, nibble on chocolate scones and savour a range of different edible delights all based on your favourite characters from the book and film.
  • Learn the trade in a Master of Chocolate Afternoon with skilled chocolatiers including Damian Allsop, Paul A Young and Chantal Coady.
  • Get creative and cook up your dream chocolate bar with the experts at ChocoMe. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Taste the heavenly Jaz and Juls’ prize winning organic hot chocolate and delicious delights from Sweet Tooth FacTa and Outsider Tart.
  • Cook on trend and whisk up some divine salted caramel pecan brownies in Rachel`s Kitchen.
  • Learn how to incorporate delicious desserts in to a limited diet with Free From cakes and bakes.
  • Take part in a free daily quiz with Original Beans.
  • Tempt your taste buds in a journey of discovery with Martin Christy of Seventy%. Learn how to become an expert chocolate muncher and master the art of eating chocolate slowly!
  • Get shopping and stock up on chocolatey Christmas gifts from Hotel Chocolat, Rococo Chocolates, Choco Passion, Pacari, The Chocolatier, L’Artisan du Chocolat and many, many more. Chocolate has to be one of the best gifts around!
  • Get experimental and learn how to cook with the delicious combination of chocolate and Gorgonzola with Valentina Harris of Cucina Valentina.
  • Indulge your inner princess and learn how to make chocolatey shoes and handbags with Frances Cooley. Never has a Jimmy Choo looked so delicious!

Luckily Travelodge has a number of hotels in London including one just next door in Waterloo, meaning if you have overindulged, you don’t have far to travel to stumble into a warm comfy resting place!

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