The UK’s Lesser Known Ghost Stories

Does the thought of encountering a spooky spectacle fill you with dread or delight? The UK’s historic buildings and landmarks are full of frightening apparitions and blood-curdling stories of horrible deaths and ghostly visions.

Interested in hunting out some of the lesser-known haunted houses this season? Here’s our guide to Britain’s hidden haunts:

1. Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool

The history of the Newsham Park Hospital sounds like the plot from a horror movie. Once a Victorian orphanage, the building later served as a mental asylum. Barred windows and old-style wheelchairs can still be found in some of the abandoned rooms and corridors.

Empty hospital corridor

Don’t go down there. Photo © Viktor_Gladkov

These days, the hospital no longer functions, but frequent ghost hunt events operate throughout the year. Before the hospital closed down, nurses reported strange sightings and noises on a regular basis and there have been several reports of visitors speaking with or encountering frightened ‘young children’. Despite the fact there was no children’s ward at the time!

2. All Saints Church, Newcastle

Enter the haunted church at your own risk as the chances are, you could run into the ghost of ‘Jack the Beadle’.

Local legend has it that the Beadle was a well-liked local character until he was caught stealing lead from the church coffins. After being tried for his crimes Jack was rejected by the community and his angry spirit is still said to walk through the churchyard and buildings on a regular basis.

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3. Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth

One of the theatre’s leading ladies died on stage in a tragic accident in the 1930s. It’s commonly thought that her ghost is the presence that is felt along the winding corridors and dingy under-stage caverns. Late at night, when the theatre is empty, many people have reported that you can often hear someone walking across the stage.

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Eerie moonlit night at Bournemouth Pier, UK

4. Purbeck, Dorset

The entire area of Purbeck has become the backdrop to a whole host of strange and unusual events. Locals and visitors have reported everything from UFO sightings to out-of-body experiences and ghostly encounters.

Haunted Corfe Castle, Purbeck, Dorset

Corfe Castle. Photo © LBPix

Visit the castle at Corfe for a sighting of Lady Bankes, who is reported to walk outside the main walls of the building she loved so much in life.

Another passionate ghost can be found at the Tank Museum in nearby Bovington. Herman the German is said to stay close to the tank that he drove during the Second World War.

5. Tatton Old Hall, Cheshire

Television ghost-hunter Yvette Fielding has named this spot as one her most haunted in the UK and has stated that she wouldn’t spend the night there for any money in the world.

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