Hotel Manager sets Guinness world record For ‘Fastest Bed Making By An Individual’

To celebrate our 60th hotel opening, we marked the occasion by hosting an event to set a brand new Guinness World Record – for the  ‘Fastest Bed Making By An Individual’.


One of our hotel manager’s, Andrea Warner, has set a brand new world record by making a king size bed in an incredible 74 seconds – which comes after years of practise (Andrea makes a staggering 120,000 beds a year!)


To fulfil the strict guidelines set by Guinness World Record officials, Andrea undertook the challenge with an audience of 200 people, including three official timekeepers from the Amateur Football Alliance and four independent witnesses and stewards. Andrea dressed the king size Travelodge Dreamer bed in 74 seconds by:


  • Fitting a sheet on the mattress
  • Covering a king size duvet with cover and fastening six poppers and then placing the duvet over the sheet
  • Covering two pillowcases and placing the pillows on the bed
  • Adding a bed runner over the duvet in 74 seconds.


The only record Guinness World Record hold within their bed making category is held by: Wendy Wall from Australia who made a single bed in 28.2 seconds on the 30th November 1978.


Andrea Warner, Travelodge Hotel Manager, said “Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would set a brand new Guinness World Record. I love my job and I take great pride to ensure all the beds in my hotel are immaculately dressed for each customer”.

Grant Hearn, our CEO, has expressed his congratulations. “Andrea is one of our top hotel managers and I am so proud of her achievement. I cannot think of any better way of celebrating the opening of our 60th hotel in the capital by Travelodge setting a brand new Guinness World Record”.


Andrea’s bed making practises go beyond her profession. Thanks to her reputation as a speedy bed dresser Andrea’s friends often ask her to make their beds for them.


Andrea said “I don’t mind making my friends’ beds for them because it is torture watching them do it, they just take so long”.

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