Top 3 Historic Legends of Britain

Old books open 5This little isle is full of myth and folklore, from the stories our grandparents told us as kids to the local legends we spoke about with our friends by torchlight.

Britain was (and still is) the setting for all manner of fairytales, historical events and yarns, many of which are still prevalent to this day and are told all over the world.

In fact, many of today’s holiday destinations in the UK wouldn’t look out of place in a children’s book or medieval tapestry, which is why it’s even easier to imagine the fantastic stories Britain’s mesmerising historical past.

If you fancy revisiting your childhood, teaching the family a thing or two or just delving into the myths and traditions that this island has to offer, here are the top three British legends you’d be crazy to miss:

Trace the steps of Jack the Ripper in East London

In 1888 the cobbled streets of East London were a dangerous place, mainly because of one man – Jack the Ripper. Five prostitutes were murdered at the hands of one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers but the number could have been far greater.

In part, Jack remains famous to this day due to the wild accusations as to just who Jack the Ripper was. From famous writers and artists to members of the royal family. Why not walk the streets in Whitechapel and review the evidence for yourself.

Stay at one of our London hotels to explore Jack’s haunts at night. Complement the experience with a trip around the trendy shops and bars of East London by day.

Explore Robin Hood’s Nottingham with a band of merry men

The man who stole from the rich to give to the poor, the man who could shoot an arrow straighter than any other and the man who wore rather fetching green tights – who else but Robin Hood?

The story of Robin Hood and his band of merry men who roamed the forests of Nottingham is about as British as fish and chips or queuing, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. After countless film and television remakes isn’t it about time you saw Sherwood Forest for yourself?

If you don’t fancy a night in the forest, why not stay in one of our Nottingham hotels with your Maid Marion or Friar Tuck?

Get spiritual at Glastonbury (without a pair of wellies in sight!)

If Britain had a spiritual home, it would be Glastonbury. A place that is synonymous with the world famous music festival, Glastonbury is also said to be the resting place of King Arthur and a magnet for all things supernatural.

It’s also said that a young Jesus Christ may have once visited this area and that the Holy Grail is buried deep under the town’s Chalice Well.

Whatever you believe, Glastonbury and Somerset are wonderful destinations for a weekend away even if you don’t discover the world’s most sought artefacts. After a hard day searching for the answer to life’s mysteries, crash out in our Glastonbury hotel to recharge your spiritual (and physical) batteries!

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