The Top 4 Farmers’ Markets In The UK

iStock_000010826820XSmallThe freshest produce, the rosiest of cheeks and the friendliest of farmers’ wives – do you need any more convincing to check out the UK’s best farmers’ markets?

With a boom in healthy eating and the move towards locally sourced, organically grown fruit and vegetables there really is no better place to get your foodie fix these days than down at a farmers’ market.

And it’s not just the green stuff either – there are sizzling sausages, beautifully pungent chutneys and much, much more to be had.

But if you really want the best of the best you might need to doa bit of travelling, which isn’t such a chore if you decide to make a trip of it! So, why not take a look at hotels in Cheltenham, dig out your wellies and check out the four best farmers’ markets in the UK?

The Goods Shed, Canterbury

If you fancy helping boost the local economy while enjoying the finest produce then The Goods Shed in Canterbury is for you. Formed in 2002, the project was set up to help local cottage industries and is housed in an impressive Victorian railway building.

Expect wonderful cheese, freshly baked bread and local brews galore. If you fancy exploring this local enterprise for the weekend, why not try out one of our hotels in Canterbury?

Cheltenham Farmers’ Market, Gloucestershire

The beautiful Spa town of Cheltenham holds what has been voted the best farmers’ market in Gloucestershire – which is no mean feat considering the county has a number of contenders. Held every second and last Friday of the month, you can expect a market bustling with locals and visitors alike, plus fantastically fresh free-range meats and fine wines as well as the usual rural fare.

Check out one of our hotels in Cheltenham to make a proper weekend of it!

Edinburgh Farmers’ Market

If there is a more impressive location for a farmers’ market then we are yet to see it! Cast in the shadow of the city’s famous castle, Edinburgh Farmers’ Market offers you a wide variety of Scottish produce from all over the country.

Boasting 55 producers on the first Saturday of every month, you can easily find a bit of whatever you fancy. Check out our Edinburgh hotels if you’re looking to extend your trip and explore this wonderful city

Stroud Farmers’ Market, Gloucestershire

Probably the most famous farmers’ market in the UK, it’s not unusual to see a camera crew or celebrity chef wandering the streets of Stroud on any given Saturday.

Every single thing sold at Stroud Farmers’ Market is within a 17-mile radius of the location itself, so it really is local produce at its best. It’s bustling, busy and brilliant and when drifting among the multitude of stalls it’s easy to see why it has such a fantastic reputation.

Stroud is also one of the most desirable places to live in the country according to many polls, so why not try out one of our hotels near Stroud and see what all the fuss is about?


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