Unwinding In Dublin

Sometimes, you just need to escape from it all and head off into the sunset for a while. But you needn’t fly long-haul to find relaxation and refreshment. In fact, all you need to do is hop over to Ireland. Dublin is the ideal place for anyone looking for a quick getaway, so why not book a room in our Dublin City Centre Rathmines hotel for a long weekend? Here are the 5 best ways to unwind in Ireland’s capital:


Have a pint in a pub

People all over the world flock to Ireland just to have a proper pint of Guinness. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or not, your Irish experience won’t be complete until you’ve sat in a wood-paneled tavern and shared a mug of the black stuff with the locals. Try The Brazen Head for some seriously old (and disputed) tales about the authenticity of their title as “Dublin’s oldest pub”.


Gape at a castle (or three)

Ireland is awash with castles and any visit to Dublin should include a trip around the castle named after the place. Dublin Castle might not look like your traditional moat-and-drawbridge sort of place, but its history is well worth an afternoon’s exploring, as is the opportunity to experience a place that has been in constant use since 1204. Important modern conferences and political meetings are still regularly held here. Afterwards, if you’re looking for a more castle-y looking castle, make the trip out of the centre to the stunning Malahide Castle.


Go for a long walk through Phoenix Park

One of the largest enclosed, urban, public parks in Europe is heaven on earth for anyone looking to forget the business of city life. Running around in the acres of open space and woodland you’ll find hundreds of deer as well as lots of young children and families. If the beautiful natural scenery isn’t enough to keep you entertained, there’s also an excellent zoo and lots of interesting monuments.


Learn something

Dublin is full of stories and has a rich history of people who recorded those stories in the form of great literature and significant art. With the famous Trinity College nurturing future Dublin scholars, the city has a very academic and cultured air. Visit the University library or one of the city’s many arts museums to soak up the local literature and arts.


Dance the night away, Irish style

Sometimes, the best way to feel refreshed is to go out and let your hair down. If you think that might do just the trick for you, Dublin is the place to be. There’s no evening entertainment like a night of Irish dancing, and you’ll find some of the most enthusiastic versions of it at The Irish Dance Party, an interactive evening of music and dance. The dances are taught to you step by step and most of the visitors are new to Irish dance so you don’t have to worry about making a fool out of yourself, because everyone else will be making fools of themselves too!



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