10 reasons to visit Madrid this summer

Travelodge is a Great British household name, with over 580 hotels across the country. However, you may not know that we also have a dozen hotels in Spain across Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Malaga and Alicante.

So, if you fancy a sunny Spain trip, look no further. And if you need more persuasion, check out our 10 reasons to visit Madrid this summer.

1. Experience the best views of the city at Circulo de Bella Artes

Circulo de Bella Artes Madrid

If you’re a bit of a culture-vulture, The Círculo de Bellas Artes is the place for you. Come here for the concerts, plays and ever-changing schedule of exhibitions. Or, you can just come here for the epic views of the city, which is thought by many to be the best place to take in the stunning vista of Madrid. Whatever you come here for, you just can’t leave the building without at least a quick trip up to the terrace and maybe stop for a drink at the rooftop bar. Ok, you might be up there a while, but there are sure far worse places to be.

2. Indulge in culinary delights at San Miguel Market

San Miguel Market Madrid

This building is not only steeped in history, but it’s also home to one of the most incredible gastronomic venues and tourist spots in the city. The Mercado de San Miguel was brought back to life in 2009, with its original 1916 iron structure intact. Since then, it has become a heady mix of mouth-watering aromas, flavours and sensations for all tastes. The atmosphere inside is buzzing with life, and locals know it as the beating heart of Madrid, where you can always get fantastic food.

3. Be moved by opera at the Teatro Real

Teatro Real Madrid

Along Plaza de Oriente, you will find one of Madrid’s most exquisite and emblematic buildings. As well as being a temple for opera, zarzuela and ballet, the Teatro Real has been a hugely symbolic building for the Spanish capital city’s culture since it was built over two centuries ago. You can see national and international stars take to the stage to perform here. But if you don’t want to see a show, you can still appreciate this beautiful building on guided tours that let you explore the auditoriums and even dressing rooms.

4. Chill out in nature at El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park Madrid

Unlike Barcelona, Madrid doesn’t have a beach as a coastal escape from inner-city life. But what Madrid lacks in sand and sea makes up for in a cool, calm, lush green oasis. El Retiro Park is Madrid’s green heart (and lung). Beautiful rose gardens and fountains make it a perfect place to relax, sunbathe and stroll. There’s still an opportunity to sightsee within the park, though. You can find the monument to Alfonso XII or the Casón del Buen Retiro, a large and beautiful ballroom. It is home to Ángel Caído, a famous statue dedicated to el diablo.

5. Discover Spain’s only Egyptian temple, Debod

Temple of Debod

You don’t have to travel all the way to Cairo to see Ancient Egyptian artefacts. Funnily enough, Madrid has one too. The Templo de Debod is 2,200 years old and honours Amun and Isis’s gods. If you’re wondering why on earth the Egyptians came to Madrid to build a temple, well, they didn’t. In 1968, the Egyptian government sent every piece of this place to Spain as a thank you for helping preserve monuments that the Aswan Dam could have destroyed. Our top tip would be to time your trip to the viewpoint perfectly so you can capture the sunset on your phone.

6. Immerse yourself in fun at Ikono

What’s better than a standard art gallery? A tactile art gallery where you can touch and feel the art surrounding you. This gallery is also Instagram-friendly, allowing you to take photos of the art and yourself immersed in it. You can reconnect with your inner child and dip into a ball pit pool, get freaked out exploring a room with infinite mirrors, enjoy another full of coloured confetti, another filled with neon lights, and even explore one with pink bubbles. It’s a unique art gallery, that’s for sure, but if you fancy a break from sightseeing, then these abstract spaces are a fun alternative.

7. Treat yourself to world-famous churros at San Ginés

San Gines MadridYou just can’t come to Spain without having churros, especially if you’re in Madrid. San Ginés has been serving up their legendary churros since 1894, so these guys know what they’re doing. In fact, it’s so popular here that a prepaid ticket system is in place to accommodate the sheer volume of people who can’t get enough of the delicious sweet treat.

8. Take a stroll through the romantic El Capricho Park

El Capricho Park MadridMadrid is bursting with energy, but if you’re craving a peaceful escape, El Capricho Park is calling your name! Stroll through gardens designed by the same mind behind Versailles’ Petit Trianon. Intrigued? This 18th-century wonderland offers a whimsical mix of formal French gardens, romantic English landscapes, and even a fun (though sometimes frustrating!) maze. Keep an eye out for hidden gems like the Temple of Bacchus and the Casa de la Vieja, a quirky “witch’s house.

9. Enjoy worldwide cuisine and swing dance at the San Fernando Market

San Fernando Market Madrid

As if a trip to the food market wasn’t thrilling enough. The San Fernando market is not just a place where you can enjoy delicious international cuisine; you can also learn to dance with classes held here on the weekend or show off your moves to the DJ set. If you’ve forgotten your dancing shoes, though, fear not. You can simply enjoy the vast array of food here, from traditional meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable stalls to all kinds of craft and imported beers. There’s also a bakery for those with a sweet tooth, and if you fancy something different, there’s worldwide cuisine on offer, such as Greek and Japanese food. Oh, and for bookworms, don’t miss the pay-by-weight bookshop.

10. Visit City Hall and the vista point at CentroCentro

CentroCentro Madrid

Arguably, Madrid’s most iconic building, the City Hall (the Ayuntamiento de Madrid), was once the Palacio de Telecomunicaciones and is now a wonderful place to see fascinating exhibitions on city life, live music and the handiwork of contemporary artists. It can be found along the south side of Cibeles Square, but it is hard to miss. If you want to treat your Instagram followers to breathtakingly beautiful views, or just treat yourself, head to Terraza Cibeles on the sixth floor and Mirador Madrid on the eighth. You can thank us later.

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