15 unique restaurants in London

Looking for an unforgettable dining experience with a quirky twist? London’s spectacular food scene has no shortage of unique restaurant experiences.

Enrich your London city break with a list of the top quirky restaurants, from unique decor to chef’s table delights.

1. The Cheese Barge – Paddington

The Cheese Barge in PaddingtonTrust us when we say this is the ultimate cheese lovers’ dining experience. The Cheese Barge in Paddington offers lunch, dinner, and themed afternoon ‘cheese,’ all on a grand 96 ft double-decker barge moored on The Regent’s Canal.

From expertly paired wine and cheese boards to classic grilled cheese sandwiches and delectable small plates, its creators at The Cheese Bar have continued to explode onto London’s food scene with the world’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant – a staple of Seven Dials Market.

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2. Park Row – Soho

Park Row Monarch Theatre in LondonAt Park Row, theatrical gastronomy meets iconic comic book legends. The EveningStandard hailed Park Row as London’s boldest restaurant concept, marking a decade of thrilling restaurant openings.

With subtle inspirations from the world of DC Comics, Park Row is a lavish dining affair where you can feast like Bruce Wayne in Monarch Theatre and enjoy cleverly designed drinks and dishes that pay homage to your favourite legendary heroes and villains.

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3. Le Bab & Kebab Queen – Covent Garden

Kebab Queen in Covent GardenAs a nation, kebabs have become one of the UK’s favourite takeaway choices. And at Le Bab, you can experience the tantalising flavours of this Middle Eastern dish in a whole new light. Le Bab’s exceptional kebabs and warm ambience create an unforgettable dining experience, ensuring return visits for food enthusiasts.

Looking for an extra special foodie night out? Book a spot at Le Bab’s Kebab Queen, exclusive to their Covent Garden venue, and enjoy an outstanding private dining experience cooked and prepared right in front of you.

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4. The Jam – Chelsea

The Jam Italian restaurantYou won’t find another restaurant like The Jam. Dubbed one of London’s top quirky restaurants, The Jam stands out with its unique twist, offering an exceptional dining experience. Featuring unusual pine wood cubicle seating, The Jam’s unique double-decker style seating is not the only reason people come far and wide for a reservation.

Known for its mouthwatering Italian classics, cocktails, and tapas-style dishes, The Jam is fast becoming a relaxed Italian dining favourite in London.

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5. The Avocado Show – Covent Garden

The Avocado Show dishesOriginating in Amsterdam and ‘all about good vibes’ with ‘delicious dishes made with love’, The Avocado Show menu innovatively strives to serve (you guessed it) avocado-based dishes to every city – breakfast, lunch and dinner!

With currently three venues across Europe, The Avocado Show makes much more than your average avo-on-toast. The Avocado Show creatively incorporates avocados in dishes like Shakshuka, poke bowls, and avocado-drizzled chocolate cake, aligning with their sustainability focus.

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6. Slow Burn – Walthamstow

Slow Burn restaurantNestled in an unassuming Walthamstow residential street, Slow Burn shares its unusual industrial space with London’s only craft jean makers, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers. But this quirky restaurant space isn’t just unique for its location.

Slow Burn, a sustainable veg-based popup, promotes slow living and mindful eating while prioritising sustainability for its customers. With a huge appreciation for great flavours and carefully selected and sourced produce, Slow Burn is a surprising delight in the heart of Walthamstow.

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7. Dans le Noir? – Farringdon

Dans le Noir London restaurantProbably one of the most famous unique restaurants in London, Dans le Noir? is an eccentric Farringdon restaurant serving a ‘surprise’ 5-course menu every night. What makes them a surprise, you say? Well, the entire dining experience is actually in complete darkness!

Creating the ultimate sensory dining experience, Dans le Noir? aims to reinvent diners’ taste perception while invigorating your senses in a pitch-black, one-of-a-kind environment.

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8. CHŪŌ – Shoreditch

Chou restaurant in ShoreditchAll aboard the sushi train! Europe’s first-ever monorail sushi restaurant has arrived in London – this is one sushi experience you won’t want to miss. Unlike often commercialised sushi conveyor belts where dishes circle round and round until a guest selects it, CHŪŌ has jumped off the bandwagon and onto the made-to-order sushi train.

CHŪŌ’s innovative use of futuristic mini trains delivers divine sushi, making it a Shoreditch favourite since its Summer 2023 opening.

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9. Attendant – Fitzrovia

Attendant Cafe in LondonAttendant, though not a typical restaurant, unquestionably secures a place on our list of unique restaurants in London. This quirky coffee roastery café, serving ethically sourced and expertly roasted coffee alongside scrumptious breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes, is located in a rather unusual central London spot… A former Victorian underground men’s toilet – yep, you heard us!

Abandoned for five decades, Attendant invested two years in restoring this historic London space into a haven for speciality coffee.

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10. Sketch – Mayfair

Sketch in MayfairSketch, in London’s lavish Mayfair district, needs no introduction. This iconic London establishment has become a staple of the capital’s unusual dining experiences over the years, regularly reinventing itself and delivering skillfully prepared cuisines and dishes.

Previously a plush oasis featuring an Instagram-famous millennial pink colour scheme that put the Mayfair restaurant on the map, in 2022 Sketch refreshed its iconic interior decor with a sunshine yellow and copper colour scheme – reaffirming its elegant presence in London’s restaurant scene. But don’t worry, the iconic ‘egg, space pod’ toilets are still permanent residents at Sketch.

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11. Circolo Popolare – Fritzrovia

Circolo Popolare in LondonUp next, another social media-famous and unique restaurant in London that has had TikTok users wondering, is Circolo Popolare worth the hype? Circolo Popolare, a central London trattoria, offers Italian charm with al fresco vibes, vintage bottle decor, and lush botanical-covered ceilings.

With a regularly changing menu each month, Circolo Popolare dishes and bar menu have been praised for their authenticity to Italian cuisine while being served on an array of bizarre tableware.

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12. Turnips – Southwark

Turnips at Borough MarketDine in the heart of London’s bustling and rapidly evolving street food scene at Turnips in Borough Market. Originating as a family-run greengrocer, Turnips has turned its passion for flavour and seasonal veg into one of Borough Market’s most successful permanent restaurants with the help of established patron chef Tomas Lidakevicius.

Amidst bustling street food stalls and under a railway line, Turnips serves sensational flavours within an industrial, quirky setting.

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13. Bike Shed Moto Co. – Shoreditch

Bike Shed Moto Co. on Old Street, ShoreditchSituated under two London Overground arches on Old Street, Shoreditch, you’ll find the one-of-kind biker spot, Bike Shed Moto Co. Serving up a hearty menu of full English breakfasts, brioche bun burgers, Sunday roasts and mac ‘n’ cheese with an array of veggie options available, the Bike Shed is a hub for motorbike enthusiasts socialise and enjoy great tasting grub.

Take in the friendly atmosphere and faint smell of engine oil. You can even drive your moped straight into the covered courtyard into the secure, onsite motorcycle parking.

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14. The Churchill Arms – Kensington

The Churchill Arms' Christmas light displayWhether you’re heading to The Churchill Arms in winter or summer, this cosy Fuller’s pub and restaurant is a West London gem to visit. The Churchill Arms, renowned for its floral summer display and festive lights at Christmas, has gained popularity for pints and Thai cuisine.

Yes, for over 25 years The Churchill Arms’ highly skilled kitchen team have been preparing and wowing guests with gorgeous, authentic Thai dishes using secret family recipes. The Pad Siew noodles and spicy Kaeng Par curry are particular menu standouts!

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15. Le Relais De Venise – City of London

Le Relais De Venise LondonImagine going to a restaurant that serves only one dish! Le Relais De Venise is a new Marylebone-based, Parisian restaurant, cleverly designed with a simple concept: no bookings, just first-come, first-served steak and chips in a super secret sauce.

Le Relais De Venise, truly Parisian, offers mouthwatering French wines and desserts for a distinct, lavish and fuss-free night out.

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