Bath’s Hidden Gems: 4 things you must do in the city

A beautiful city drenched in history, Bath is the ideal getaway for those with an appreciation for times gone by. Around every corner are cobblestone streets with remarkable architecture boasting a charm unlike any other.

We’ve scoped out four of Bath’s hidden gems to help you make the most of this incredible city while soaking up its history!

1. Beazer Garden Maze

Beazer Garden Maze

Nestled in the heart of the city is the Beazer Garden Maze. Designed by Randoll Coate in 1984 and inspired by the city’s Georgian architecture, it’s certainly a unique addition to this southwestern hotspot. But although it’s officially called a maze, the attraction is actually known as a labyrinth. This is because there is only one path that leads to the centre, unlike a traditional maze whereby you can never be certain if you’re on the right track. Especially if you’re heading to Bath with little ones, a visit to the Beazer Garden Maze will provide endless enjoyment!

2. Guildhall Market

Guildhall Market in Bath

Want the indulgence of an all-day shopping trip with the fascination of the city’s history? Bath Guildhall Market is the oldest shopping venue you’ll find in the southwestern gem. The building boasts a spectacular central domed roof, an architectural statement synonymous with centuries gone by. Traders have sold goods on this exact site for over 800 years, and today you can browse over 20 stalls from an array of industries. Whether you’re looking for leather goods, confectionery, electricals, jewellery, or simply a cup of tea, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. And when you’re done perusing, why not take a short walk to see Bath Abbey? The Guildhall Market boasts an incredible city centre location, making it
super easy to weave into your stay!

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3. Sham Castle

Sham Castle - one of Bath's Hidden Gems

Built in 1755, Sham Castle is a folly designed by Ralph Allen, well known for quarrying the ever-popular Bath stone. Overlooking stunning landscapes, you’ll need to get your camera at the ready – there are few locations in the area with such vast views of the city. Likewise, you’ll get stunning views of the castle from the city. Allen commissioned the wall simply to improve the view from his home. Therefore, it’s not actually a castle and has never been used as one. But it’s still a beautiful way to see the city, and the woodland paths surrounding the folly certainly provide a great opportunity for an outdoor adventure with the family!

4. Sydney Gardens

Sydney Gardens

Looking for a little relaxation? Sydney Gardens, first opened in 1795, is one of the UK’s only remaining Georgian Pleasure Gardens – the equivalent of a modern-day amusement park. With green open spaces, secluded woodland, and pretty bridges and tunnels on the Kennet and Avon Canal, it’s certainly a peaceful escape away from the hustle and bustle. But certain times of the year also bring an opportunity to immerse in vibrant festivals, sporting events, and kids’ activities. Whatever you like to do, whether that’s enjoying a quiet picnic in a private spot or mingling with the locals, Sydney Gardens is a fantastic place for all the family.

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