Hidden treasures in the UK

Many of us explore the globe in search of stunning sights. But did you know that you can stay at home and experience plenty of earthly beauties too? Ready yourselves as we uncover the UK’s hidden treasures.

Durdle Door, Dorset
Taking its name from the Old English for drill, it is instantly clear why Durdle Door is a must-visit location. It’s iconic, naturally formed archway has an air of magic about it, jutting out of the coastline and encouraging swimmers and sailors to pass beneath it. If the look alone isn’t enough to tempt you, then it’s worth noting that it has also set the scene in films such as Nanny McPhee and music videos by Cliff Richard and Billy Ocean.

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Brat’s Hill Stone Circle, Cumbria
The largest in the 4000-year-old collection of Burnmoor Stone Circles, Brat’s Hill has 42 stones forming a ring, with a diameter of 30 metres. These historic plots can be accessed via the village of Boot – a fitting name for ramblers – and visitors can expect greenery as far as the eye can see. If you catch the bug for a wander, the other four stone circles sit within a square mile, so there’s plenty of time to see each one at your leisure.

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Clevedon Pier, Bristol
Once described as “the most beautiful pier in England”, Clevedon Pier is often overshadowed by the lively seaside attractions of nearby Weston-super-Mare. But would-be visitors, this Grade I listed, award-winning treasure is certainly not to be missed. Having survived a collapse in the 50s and an application for its demolition in the 80s the Victorian structure now sits proudly, protruding 310 metres into the Bristol channel. Those keen on fishing can cast their lines in the hope of catching all manner of seabound species dependent on season.

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Isle of Skye, Scotland
Home to a breathtaking waterfall as well as stunning fairy pools and picturesque scenery, the Isle of Skye on Scotland’s North West coast is the perfect place for the more adventurous holidaymaker. The Isle itself holds a lot of history and is home to lots of fantastic wildlife such as red deer, otters, seals and dolphins. The fairy pools are a great place for some wild swimming and there are plenty of opportunities to explore via bike and horseback. Boat trips around the Isle offer visitors a more laid back way to explore.

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Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire
Situated in the leafy green expanses of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Aysgarth Falls are just as idyllic as they sound. Waters from the River Ure cascade down the craggy rocks, creating a stunning visual spectacle and are well worth checking out. Why not make a weekend of it and wander the numerous pathways and trails through the surrounding forests and villages? Coppice Cafe comes highly recommended for those who wish to rest their weary legs for a while and relax with some well-earned refreshments.

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