Liverpool’s 5 Hidden Gems: Explore a different side to the city

We all know Liverpool is famous for its iconic football team, roots in musical history and lively characters, but there are still mysteries to be uncovered here. Discover a new side to the city with these five hidden gems you must explore on your next visit.

Red Brick Market

Open seven days a week, Red Brick Market Liverpool is the city’s top indoor market for unique finds and vintage treasures. Showcasing independent traders, skilled local artists and startup businesses, Red Brick Market aims to highlight those who push boundaries and offer customers who come to visit something different. Enjoy a fun-filled day out with custom printing, vinyl vendors, a bakery and a tattooist all in one place. The market has just confirmed a new venue which will allow them to double in size!

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Shipwrecks on the Mersey Coast

Strolling down the Merseyside coast can offer you a glimpse into the past through the many shipwrecks which sit by (or in) the water. Some are easy to find like the Iconic Star which is only partially submerged and holds its distinctive shape, whilst others including The Star of the Hope have been almost completely swallowed by the sand and sea. This is a great treasure hunt to embark on with a pal or as a family day out, with lots of seaside shops and cafés to pop into on your travels.

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John Lennon’s childhood home

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Whilst Liverpool is well known as the home of the Beatles, few people are aware that you can actually visit the childhood homes of John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney. Lennon’s home is the larger of the two and has been kept just as it was when he lived there during his youth with his Aunt Mimi. Here you can stand in the exact spot where the two scousers composed the chart-topping hit I Saw Her Standing There, which has since been recognised by Rolling Stone as one of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

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Liverpool Gin Distillery

The Liverpool Gin Distillery masterfully produces its own Liverpool Organic Gin at home in this facility, inside a custom-built 60 litre copper still. It’s here where you can enjoy a delightful drink at the bar and dark spirits room whilst you watch the distillers in action. Or, if you’d like to take it a step further why not make your very own bottle of Liverpool Gin as part of a wider Distillery Tour and tasting experience. This is a great opportunity to look behind the curtain and get hands-on as you learn a new skill in the heart of the city.

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Quirky Quarter

Immerse yourself in an unusual experience here at Quirky Quarter where your brain will be teased and your imagination explored. Featuring puzzling challenges and mind-bending photo opportunities you won’t be short of entertainment. We’d recommend visiting as a group to maximise giggles, or why not try the newly introduced Twilight Zone evening for adults only where drinks are available to enhance your experience!

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