London on a budget: 10 fun things to do for £10 or less

London is one of the world’s greatest cosmopolitan cities, so there’s no doubt that the average weekend trip will set you back at least a few pounds. Whether it’s a shopping centre, café, or music venue, there is something for everyone in this capital city. 

So we’ve rounded up the best ways to experience London on a budget, with 10 exciting things to do for £10 or less. No need to spend tons to have fun!

Ride the IFS Cloud Cable Car

IFS Cloud Cable Car

With one station at the Royal Docks and the other at Greenwich Peninsula near the O2 Arena, IFS Cloud Cable Car is one of the best ways to travel if you want to spend the day in North Greenwich. Ride from the Royal Docks station near the ExCeL, alighting at the O2 where you can browse the selection of restaurants and shops or travel into North Greenwich. Then return from the Greenwich Peninsula station, both journeys for just £10 per adult or £5 per child. Experience astounding views of London hanging from this glass gondola just 90m from the Thames. Why not try experiencing these views at night, when ride times are extended to 25 minutes, long enough to catch a couple of snaps and enjoy the ride!

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Play some crazy golf at Plonk

Crazy golf

If you’re looking for crazy golf at a whole new level, then look no further than Plonk. With their wacky courses, awesome arcade and game bar, you wouldn’t believe that this unique golfing experience starts from just £5.50 for under 18s and £7.50 for adults (late-night golf after 10pm). With four venues, one of which is opening in summer 2022, Camden Town’s venue is the ideal spot located just at the heart of Stables Market. The 9-hole indoor mini-golf and bottle bar is the perfect stop during a day out in the city or to get a fun adult evening going!

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Experience some live entertainment at Bubba Oasis

Bubba Oasis London

From just £10 per person, you can enjoy some of London’s best-kept secret talent over at Bubba Oasis social club. As well as being a stylish and lively bar during the week, they also hold live music sessions for up-and-coming artists on Tuesdays and Sundays. Cosy up in their aesthetic venue with all-day dining, coffee and cocktails and a charming rooftop terrace. Alongside the live acoustic entertainment, they also have plenty of event nights such as hot-desking, house parties and rooftop celebrations. So if you’re looking to party it up or relax with a cocktail and some soothing music, then this is the place for you!

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Enjoy the retro games at Reztron

Reztron London

If you love all things retro, including old games and consoles, then Reztron is the ideal place for you. With events held all around the city in their pop-up venues complete with a retro-themed bar, their events are enough to entertain even the unlikeliest of customers. With many SEGA games to play such as Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, there is an 8-bit classic to suit everyone. With tickets from only £9 per person, this experience is a must-do for avid gamers!

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Take an Uber Boat across the Thames

Uber Boat

You’ve heard of Uber, the famous car sharing app, but have you heard of UberBoat? Thame Clippers have been providing riverboat rides across the Thames for years in London, serving over 24 piers across the city. In 2020, they partnered up with Uber taking citizens and tourists across London, all bookable from the Uber app. This experience is something you won’t get anywhere else in the UK, and with fares ranging from £4.80 – £8.70 without a TFL travel card, this should be on your trip bucket list!

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Pet some farmyard animals at Belmont Farm

Belmont Farm London

If you’re visiting London with the kids and want to do something that the whole family will enjoy, then why not visit Belmont Farm! With over 30 varieties of animals such as sheep, pigs, and even storks, the little ones will love seeing these animals up close and personal. Being the only public farm of this size within London, Belmont is the perfect place in London to get your hands dirty. Pet the bunnies, feed the goats and sheep and experience their tractor and trailer ride for an enriching family day out. Prices start from £8 per adult, £6 per child and £4.50 for under 3s.

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Get some sweet treats at M&M World

M&M World London

If you love all things chocolate then we have the perfect place for you. Located right in the heart of Leicester Square, M&M World is loved by many tourists and Londoners alike. As the only M&M store in Europe and the world’s largest candy store, visiting this four-story store detailing the history of this famous chocolate is a must-do. As well as an extensive range of chocolate with a wall of over 100 colours and flavours to choose from, they also sell a wide range of M&M merchandise. The store is free to enter, and if you want to bring home some goodies, there are plenty of bits to buy for under £10.

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Dive into literature at the Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens Museum London

If you’re interested in the history of London and the literature of the great author Charles Dickens, then this free museum will be just the place to spend your day. With popular novels such as Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, Dickens was a strong advocate for the poor and working-class families of Britain. The museum is dedicated to his life works in literature, his journalistic studies and plenty of research on London in the 1800s, and is located right in the house in which he and his family lived for many years. As well as the main exhibits and showcases, the museum also holds events such as a guided evening tour, Oh Poo: an exploration into the diets in the 1800s, and the housemaids tour.

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Watch a classic play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre London

London is famous for its west-end presence and culture, with theatres dotted left right and centre. But, why not take yourself back to a classic theatre production at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. As well as being a cultural landmark and educational centre, the theatre is also wildly popular showing many of Shakespeare’s collective works. Just a short walk from the bank of the Thames, this theatre can be on the pricey side of entertainment. But, you can actually snag some standing tickets for shows from only £5 per person. Talk about a deal!

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Witness the London sunrise at the Sky Garden

Free viewpoint at Sky Garden in London

The infamous London Sky Garden is popular all year round, packed with Londoners and tourists trying to catch a glimpse of the stunning views of the capital city. With plenty of greenery, a luxurious selection of bars and restaurants, and live entertainment, this high rise public garden is perfect for relaxing and soaking up the stunning views of England. The venue is free to enter if you’re looking to just marvel at the views, but there are also lots of exclusive events that you won’t want to miss. If you want to witness the sunrise over London, then tickets for this event start at only £8.50 per person. You also get a hot beverage and pastry to enjoy!

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