Reasons for a UK Holiday

Britain has never been better and with many fascinating places to visit, now is definitely the time to stay reasonably close to home with a holiday right here on this fair Isle. Here are 5 reasons why everybody should spend more time visiting Britain in the coming months:

It is less hassle

Britain is a relatively small place, but with many interesting destinations, lots of the areas are unvisited by the natives. Do you live in London but have never been to Liverpool? Or do you love the countryside but normally travel abroad to visit lakes and mountains? In reality, Britain has it all! Travelling around Britain means you will really get to know your country and the transport couldn’t be easier! Forget swapping money, boarding planes and struggling with another language. Stay in a Travelodge anywhere in the country to ensure a good value, comfy bed with many small luxuries. A holiday in Britain will also aid the environment by minimising your carbon footprint and it may even do a little to boost our national economy too.

Full of History

Britain is the perfect destination for history lovers with interesting sites just about everywhere. From Canterbury Cathedral in Kent to Stone Henge in Wiltshire, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, the Roman Baths in Bath, The HMS Belfast in London and many, many more, Britain really is absolutely jam-packed with historical sites. There are also great institutions like The National Trust and English Heritage which look after the major sites and attractions, keeping them well preserved and open to visitors on just about every day of the year. As well as visiting specific places, there are also many historical museums to spend time in, with artefacts from all over the world. Everywhere you go you will see something new.

Great Shopping

Britain is home to some of the best shopping destinations in the world. You really can buy just about anything here. From cutting edge fashion to hand made art and crafts, our big cities boast some of the best department stores in the world, whilst smaller town and villages are the perfect place to hunt for individual souvenirs. Vintage is also big in Britain and there are some great finds to be had in local Charity shops!


Britain has a very varied landscape with some breathtaking views. If you love walking, head to The Lake District or to The Scottish Highlands. Cornwall is a great location for surfing and the South East is home to some beautiful low rolling hills. If you love sandy beaches then Wales has quite a few but you need to be prepared to battle all weathers!


Britain is home to some of the best places to eat in the world and you really can try almost any cuisine or fusion of cuisines you can think of. Foodies will love to dine at many of the Michelin starred restaurants, whilst others will love spending time in cosy pubs, snuggling up, enjoying an open fire. National favourites include fish and chips (best enjoyed on a beach) and the incredibly trendy afternoon tea. It isn’t hard to find good food in Britain and you don’t need to break the bank to get hold of it either.

Never a Dull Moment

There is always something going on in Britain, from a whole range of music concerts to great theatre, exhibitions, shows and even fitness or cookery lessons. You can try something new every day and never get bored. Why not arrange a holiday around a specific event or leave it all to chance and surprise yourself. Britain won’t disappoint.