Ultimate UK adventures: Your 2023 Bucket List

The year of the rabbit is now upon us, bringing longevity, peace and prosperity into our lives. The time has come to get adventurous, let your life flourish and find inner peace. Let’s kick it off with 23 bucket list locations and activities for 2023!

1. The Fairy Pools – Skye, Scotland

Be transported to a world of wonder when you visit The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye. These tranquil crystal clear waters are perfect for relaxing and reconnecting with nature. You may even brave a dip in the pools, although don’t expect them to be warm even in summer.

2. Woodchester Valley Vineyard – Cotswolds

This family-owned vineyard situated in the Cotswolds could fool you into believing you’re in France. Since 2007 Woodchester Valley Vineyard has been growing vines and producing various kinds of wine. In 2016 they established their own winery from which they now create white, rosé, red and sparkling wines on site.

3. The Lion King – Lyceum Theatre, London

Person holding a ticket to The Lion King theatre showIf you haven’t seen The Lion King in the theatre yet it would be a crime to leave it any longer! Now in its 24th year running at the Lyceum Theatre London, this iconic Disney show is a firm favourite among West End lovers – but more importantly, those who don’t often venture out to shows are known to praise it also.

4. Seven Sisters White Cliffs – East Sussex

The Seven Sisters chalk cliffs are a treasure to have on UK soil offering incredible views, both from above and below. A popular site for TV and film, blockbuster movies Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Atonement and the Fantastic Beasts sequel all filmed scenes at this location. Explore the 280 hectares of white cliffs, meandering river valley and open grassland.

5. Llyn Y Fan Fach – Brecon Beacons, Wales

Located on the Black Mountain in Brecon Beacons National Park, Llyn Y Fan Fach is a safe haven to relax and discover the local legend. A Lady of the Lake is said to have risen from the waters and married a local man, but their marriage was bewitched and upon his wrongdoing, the lady was returned to the lake. The folklore has lived on to this day, as many believe you may still see a prominent furrow across the mountain proving the story’s truth.

6. Victoria Tunnel – Newcastle

Hidden beneath the streets of Newcastle, the Victoria Tunnel is a preserved 19th-century wagonway, which was converted into an air-raid shelter during World War 2. Various guided tours are available allowing you to visit the tunnel, and the experience is consistently listed on Tripadvisor as the number one thing to do in Newcastle upon Tyne.

7. Skomer Island – Pembrokeshire, Wales

Less than a mile off the Pembrokeshire coast, Skomer Island is home to hundreds of seabirds, puffins and seals. Visiting the island is an incredible experience filled of sights you don’t see every day, with bluebells and pink campion blanketing the island throughout spring. You’ll have to take the boat to get there, but we’re certain you won’t mind!

8. Up at the O2 – London

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Adrenaline junkie? This one’s perfect for you. There may be skyscrapers all across London for you to take in the sights, but nothing is quite like scaling the roof of The O2 in the open air as you admire the 360° view. Choose from a range of experiences including the Sunset Climb, Celebration Climb or Dine and Climb.

9. Stone Circle Experience – Stonehenge

Now Stonehenge may seem like a basic bucket list addition which most people have done already. But did you do it right? The Stone Circle experience is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to visit the inner circle of Stonehenge itself, up close and personal. This special tour runs as an early morning or evening visit so if you play your cards right, you can catch the sunrise or sunset and capture some incredible photos.

10. Tandem Skydive – Beccles Airfield

What’s a bucket list without skydiving? To get the full experience on your first (perhaps only) jump, a Tandem Skydive is the perfect way to go. Marvel in the pure joy of a free fall securely and safely as you’re attached to an experienced instructor. Beccles is a great location not far from the coast giving delightful sea views, once you’ve cleared through the cloud.

11. Dans le Noir – London

For a truly unique dining experience, Dans Le Noir directly translates to ‘in the dark’. Yes, that’s right. At this restaurant you are plunged into complete darkness for the entirety of your meal. You’ll find that with sight removed your other four senses are significantly heightened, enabling you to enjoy your food in a way you never have before.

12. Lud’s Church – Peak District

Hidden deep in the valleys of the Peak District you’ll find Lud’s Church, a moss-covered chasm steeped in history and urban legend. Immerse yourself in a foreign land of pure green, 18 meters down from the top. The chasm was created after a giant landslip took place and it is said that Robin Hood and Friar Tuck took refuge here whilst hiding from the authorities!.

13. Wilderness Festival – Oxfordshire

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First and foremost, our top 2023 festival recommendation would be Glastonbury of which the legendary Elton John is already confirmed to headline. However, as many will know Glasto tickets are quite like gold dust. Wilderness is our firm alterantive mixing big-name headliners with comedians, specialist entertainers, authors and incredible chefs. This is a well-rounded experience of the arts as a whole featuring creatives of all kinds.

14. Minack Theatre – Cornwall

Slotted into the rugged cliffs of South West Cornwall, the Minack is a world-famous theatre built just over 90 years ago. Translating to ‘a rocky place’ in Cornish, Minack is a testament to the incredible woman who initially created it, Rowena Cade. Today the theatre is still putting on live shows throughout the year, for the audience to enjoy in the open air with the backdrop of the ocean, 90 feet above the waves.

15. Tower of London – London

This might seem like an obvious one, but it would be rude to ignore the Tower of London as the cosistent Tripadvisor number one thing to do in the UK. Discover the inside of the castle walls and view the 23,578 gemstones of the Crown Jewels up close, as you learn about this iconic part of British history.

16. Kayaking on Lake Windermere – Lake District

Lake Windermere is the perfect place to get back to nature and forget about the troubles of the modern world for a while. Challenge yourself by kayaking through the blue waters in the heart of the Lake District. With more than 10 miles to explore, you decide when you’re done.

17. The Crystal Maze Experience – Manchester

A firm favourite among children and adults of the 90s, The Crystal Maze has held the attention of the nation for more than 30 years now. This ultimate live experience is elaborate and exhilarating, allowing you to recapture the magic which was sparked on Channel 4 many years ago.

18. Loch Awe – Argyll & Bute, Scotland

This incredibly picturesque loch in the Scottish Highlands is a must-visit, with a selection of castles and ruins to wander including one of the most photographed in the whole of Scotland. Also known for its trout fishing, this is a popular site for anglers which you may come across on your travels.

19. Fingals Cave – Isle of Staffa, Scotland

As if taken from a fairytale, Fingal’s Cave is an enchanted wonder off the Scottish coast, formed completely of hexagonal columns of basalt. The naturally formed arched roof allows the crashing waves to sing in melodic keys. At low tide you can explore this beauty on foot, otherwise, you can hop on a boat tour.

20. Watatunga Wildlife Reserve – Norfolk

Slotted into the West Norfolk countryside, you will be amazed that this wildlife safari exists on UK soil. Award-winning Watatunga Wildlife Reserve has the conservation and protection of endangered animals at the heart of what they do. All of their animals roam freely in the reserve without the cages and enclosures you commonly see across zoos and safaris in the UK.

21. Sunrise at Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh, Scotland

Standing high above the city, Arthur’s Seat is an ancient volcano and the main peak of the hills above Edinburgh. If you take the trek up here in the early hours of the morning you’ll be treated to unrivalled views of the sunrise across the city, including over Edinburgh Castle.

22. Mama Mia the Party – London

It’s clear that ABBA mania continues to spread across the world to this day with their recent comeback ‘tour’ selling tickets like hotcakes. Perhaps easier tickets to get your hands on are those for Mama Mia the Party at the O2 London. More than just live music, this is a fully immersive experience which will transport you into the movie to the island of Skopelos.

23. Giants Causeway – Northern Ireland

Follow in the footsteps of giants at Northern Ireland’s incredible World Heritage Site. Giant’s Causeway is made up of over 40,000 basalt columns which formed around 60 million years ago. You won’t believe your eyes as you take in these breathtaking views.