Your guide to The Championships, Wimbledon

Strawberries and cream, unpredictable weather, and a tall glass of Pimm’s. Wimbledon has arrived. Wondering how to get within grunting distance of world-class tennis? Check out our guide to The Championships, Wimbledon.

Wimbledon 2019

What is Wimbledon?
Dating back to 1877, The Championships, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is renowned for its traditions and prestige. Players follow a strict all-white dress code, and the Queen’s cousin is the president of the club. Oozing British charm, Wimbledon is held in a league of its own compared with other tournaments. Drawing around half a million live spectators, this is one of the most popular sporting events in the country, with an unrivalled atmosphere and energy.

When is it on?
Wimbledon runs annually from the first Monday of July for two weeks, ending on Sunday. This year the tournament runs from July 3rd to July 16th. All upcoming dates can be found on their website.

Where to stay nearby
Struggling for somewhere to stay near the action that doesn’t break the bank? The good news is there are plenty of nearby Travelodge hotels, all close to good transport links to keep you connected. If you’d prefer a location in central London to make the most of the city’s Wimbledon celebrations, then look no further. If you want to wake up in Wimbledon to the roar of the crowd, our selection of Wimbledon hotels are perfectly located for a summery day out at the tennis. Conveniently close by so you can get a good spot in the queue, with comfy beds to rest after a long day in the sun. 

Stay in Wimbledon

How to watch Wimbledon live
Every year a ballot is held for anyone to enter the chance of attending the event. Or, if you want a guaranteed spot, Wimbledon is one of the only major sporting events where you can buy on-the-day tickets, and you can do so the only way Brits know how – by queuing.

The queue
You can’t be considered a die-hard tennis fan until you’ve queued for Wimbledon, with many people going the extra mile of camping overnight to secure their place in line. Every day at Wimbledon you are able to purchase tickets by joining a lengthy queue in Wimbledon Park. Two types of tickets are available to purchase: Grounds tickets are available every day and allow access to Wimbledon grounds where you can watch matches on unreserved seats in the smaller courts, or buy resale tickets for the Show Courts. A limited number of tickets are also available for the Show Courts on most days of the tournament. Please check the Wimbledon guide to queuing for more information.

Wimbledon championship 2023

The queue will be long, so come prepared. Filling up on a Travelodge breakfast at one of our nearby hotels will help keep your energy levels up. Once in the queue, food and drink stalls are located nearby in Wimbledon Park, and you can leave the queue for up to half an hour. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your place, upon joining you are given a time-stamped queue card to mark your position in line.  

How to get to Wimbledon
The easiest way to get around in London is by public transport, and there are many links to connect you to Wimbledon.
By Underground: The nearest station is Southfields Underground Station on the District line, a 15 minute walk to Gate 4.
By Bus: The 493 bus service connects the Wimbledon Tennis Club and Museum to Southfields Station and Wimbledon Station. The bus stop is called ‘Wimbledon Tennis Club and Museum’ and is announced before the stop.

Wimbledon picnic

Where to eat
Wimbledon grounds have a vast array of food and drink options, from self-serve cafes to restaurants, and several on-site bars.

After tickets, transport, and a couple of souvenirs, costs can soon add up at Wimbledon. A good way to save a few pennies is to bring a picnic. You are allowed to bring in whatever food you wish but bear in mind only one bag is permitted per person. Although coolboxes and hard-sided hampers are not allowed. Alcohol is limited to 1 bottle of wine or 1 litre of beer per person, and spirits are forbidden. A visit to Wimbledon is frankly wasted without the iconic British summer treat, strawberries and cream. You can also pick up some delicious Kent strawberries and cream from a range of eateries within the grounds.            

How to get an autograph
If you’re not lucky enough to get a courtside seat, but still want to get up close and personal with your favourite tennis champions, head over to the Fanzone, located outside the Aorangi Pavilion. Here, one or two players a day make an appearance at a booth where you can get that autograph for your collection, or a selfie with a superstar.