Winter woodland walks in the UK

The smell of crisp winter air, the crunch of fresh snow under your boots, and the faint ringing of church bells are all telltale signs that the festive season is approaching. What more could you want than to start the December countdown by spending some quality time with your loved ones amongst nature?

Well, if you want to experience the UK’s astounding natural beauty this winter, take a look at our best Winter Woodland Walks perfect for the Christmas season.

Richmond Park, London

As one of the UK’s top forested areas, this beautiful London park boasts dozens of rare species of wildlife and animals inhabiting the land. It was first established by Charles I in the 17th century, being well renowned for the number of wild deer roaming the park. With its own modern tea room and view of St Paul’s Cathedral, this pristine beauty is even more popular in the winter months. 

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Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey

This picturesque park is the ideal place to visit if you’re looking for a frosty stroll with the whole family. The arboretum displays impressive woodland scenery and gorgeous old structures adorning the paths and hills, making it perfect for a full day of exploring. Walking with The Snowman is coming to Winkworth Arboretum this Christmas, with 12 incredibly decorated The Snowman™ sculptures to be discovered. Ensure to take a ride on the sparkling carousel and indulge in a warm hot chocolate!

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Worsley Woods, Salford, Manchester

Compared to the fast-paced city life of Manchester, this wooded park is serene and atmospheric for those that want to take a break from the hectic Christmas period. Located just west of the city centre, Worsley Woods offers plenty of activities and areas to entertain the whole family including a children’s play area, a lake, and an adventure trail.

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Woodgate Valley Country Park, Birmingham

This 450-acre area of countryside in the centre of Bartley Green and Quinton, Birmingham, is perfect at Christmas time. Amongst the many meadows, woodland, and small ponds, they also offer plenty of activities. These include Woodgate Valley Urban Farm, a café, a play area and their exclusive Hole Farm Trekking Centre, where children and adults can go pony trekking and learn to ride.

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Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

As one of the many magnificent nature spots in Edinburgh, this woodland park and castle make the perfect place to get away and enjoy the fresh winter air. As well as an impressive set of grounds and woodland area, the site also has a free exhibition, where you can find out about the history and learn about various walking routes that can be enjoyed. Spanning over 640 acres, this snow-covered beauty is worth visiting this festive season.

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Withdean Woods Nature Reserve, Brighton

This residential woodland is on a steep slope overlooking the Withdean Stadium and is a beautiful walk during the snowy months. Home to a range of wildlife such as foxes, badgers, and spotted woodpeckers, the park boasts many different wild plants and animals that can be spotted amongst the shrubbery. In the peak of winter, the various winter plant species can be seen flowering here.

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Badock’s Wood, Bristol

This 400-year old woodland area is home to many different trees, animals and meadows. In the winter months, the settled snow and crisp air turn the woodlands into a picturesque beauty hotspot that is a must for your winter bucket list. Tarmacked paths adjacent to the River Trym are perfect for the little ones that want to go exploring safely. Just don’t forget to wrap up warm!

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