8 epic immersive art experiences in London you need to see to believe

Looking to dive into an out-of-the-box immersive experience? 🎇

Get ready to have your mind blown by London’s incredible selection of immersive art exhibitions!

From mind-bending visual projections to technicolour installations and mesmerising art, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped right into a masterpiece. So, grab your sense of wonder and get ready to discover 8 of the most dazzling immersive art experiences London has to offer!

The Now Building – Outernet

Butterfly Trail at Outernet LondonImmerse yourself in a dazzling world of light at the Outernet. Located next to Tottenham Court Road Station, this free, public space boasts stunning LED displays in its expansive 4-storey high venue.

Known as the Now Building, this vibrant hub is packed with captivating light and visual displays, cultural experiences and even some entertainment thrown in for good measure. Made up of 5 connected LED screens, the 4k east, west and north walls and 8k ceiling make this space 16k+ resolution!

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180 Studios

180 Studios LondonThis creative hub in London throws out the art exhibit rulebook, transforming its brutalist warehouse venue into a mind-bending experience that will leave you speechless.

At 180 Studios, discover captivating spaces, complete with pulsating lights, fascinating soundscapes and mind-blowing visuals. The exhibits at 180 Studios’ are constantly changing, so you never quite know what awaits you. Past immersive experiences have included journeying through a technicolour jungle, mesmerising labyrinths of light and even exploring the depths of a digital ocean.

Here’s the best part: 180 Studios encourages you to be part of the art! Their exhibitions are interactive, inviting you to touch move and even become part of the artwork itself. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming exhibitions – you won’t want to miss out on this wildly creative adventure!

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Art of the Brick: A LEGO® Art Exhibit

Calling all LEGO® lovers – this one’s for you! Forget art galleries, the Art of the Brick has landed on Brick Lane, but this isn’t your average art exhibition. We’re talking over a million LEGO® bricks transformed into 150+ incredible sculptures!

Get ready to see iconic masterpieces, like The Scream and Starry Night, reimagined with colourful bricks, plus loads of other creations that break the laws of gravity. From dinosaurs to spaceships and even giant chess pieces, the Art of the Brick’s 10 million worldwide visitors means this exhibit speaks for itself. This immersive LEGO® experience is a guaranteed good time. It’s perfect for all ages, so grab your mates, your family or just your inner child and get ready to be amazed.

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W1 Curates @ Flannels 

Next up, we’re taking a trip to Oxford Street where you might not expect to stumble upon a cutting-edge art gallery. Tucked away within the exquisite Flannels store, lies W1 Curates’ immersive art space.

W1 Curates is all about bringing art to the people, unexpectedly and outstandingly. As well as this, W1 Curates also turns the entire facade of the Flannels building into their canvas creating a giant digital art display for the whole street. With mind-blowing visuals and dazzling lights, you’re sure to be stopped in your tracks to admire this visual spectacle. The best part? The art within Flannels is constantly changing, showcasing the works of talented young visual creatives from all over the world.

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Frameless Immersive Art Experience

Frameless LondonEver wished you could step right inside your favourite paintings? Well, at Frameless, you totally can! This immersive art experience in London is like stepping into a real-life dream.

Prepare to be surrounded by floor-to-ceiling projections that bring iconic works of art to life. Discover four themed galleries, each with a unique visual identity and art style. Feeling surreal? Check out the ‘Beyond Reality’ room. Want to play with colour? The ‘Colour in Motion’ gallery is your jam. Plus, there are even showcases featuring works by legendary artists, from swirling Van Goghs to Monet’s water lilies rippling all around you – you’re guaranteed to see something you love. Plus, with interactive spaces, watch as your movements affect the artwork itself!

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Van Gogh London Exhibit: The Immersive Experience

Van Gogh London ExhibitCalling starry night fans! The Van Gogh London Exhibit: The Immersive Experience isn’t your typical gallery visit. Discover a room of flourishing sunflowers, explore captivating constellations in the Starry Night room or stroll through a reimagined version of Van Gogh’s bedroom.

This award-winning exhibition uses cutting-edge, 360-degree projections, breathtaking light installations and even a VR experience, to completely immerse you in Van Gogh’s art. Witness twisting brushstrokes come alive and watch as vibrant colours dance before your eyes. Whether you’re a lifelong Van Gogh devotee or just curious to explore his works, this immersive art experience is a London must-see.

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Twist Museum

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Prepare to have your mind blown at the Twist Museum in London. This unusual immersive art space is a unique way to appreciate art and it’s guaranteed to leave you amazed! Twist Museum is a playground for your senses designed and built by a team of artists, neuroscientists and even philosophers.

Step into mind-bending rooms that seem to defy gravity, get up close with mind-boggling illusions and discover how your brain interprets reality in unexpected ways. Twist Museum is also a super interactive experience. Don’t be shy – touch things, move around and become part of the art itself! So grab your tickets, unleash your inner art explorer and prepare to be bewildered!

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Disney100 Exhibition London

Disney100 immersive experience in LondonEver wished you could step into your favourite Disney movie? Well, buckle up, because the Disney100 Exhibition London is making dreams a reality. Spread across ten incredible galleries in the London Excel, this immersive exhibition celebrates 100 years of Disney magic.

Wander through beloved scenes from timeless classics like Snow White and The Lion King, alongside new family favourites like Moana and Encanto. But it’s not just about looking – the Disney100 Exhibition is all about feeling the movie magic. Interactive displays let you become part of the stories, while behind-the-scenes peeks give you a glimpse into the incredible creativity that brings Disney characters to life.

Just remember, this exhibition is only in London until June 23rd 2024, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of the magic!

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