The UK’s Best Bonfire Night Celebrations

Fireworks clusterRemember, remember, the fifth of November… It’s coming up to that time of the year when we celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up parliament by re-enacting the explosions that might have happened if it had been a success. All over the country people will be building Guy Fawkes dummies and giant bonfires to burn them on. If you’re looking for something a bit more spectacular than your local village festivities, there are plenty of big celebrations happening on the first weekend in November. Here are a few of them:

Alexandra Palace

“Ally Pally”, as this venue is affectionately known, is celebrating its 150th year of hosting events. In honour of the big anniversary, there will be a huge fireworks display for Guy Fawkes Night. The event begins as early as 2pm, with everything from helter-skelters to ice skating and a full German beer festival. Stay in our London Southgate hotel to be just 3 miles from the palace for the 2nd November celebration.

Bristol Zoo

If you want to celebrate Bonfire Night with young children but you’re worried about them being scared by deafening fireworks the event at Bristol Zoo is the perfect solution. On 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November the zoo will be putting up a family friendly fireworks show with low-noise explosions to avoid disturbing the animals or scaring the kids. Stay in our Bristol Central hotel to treat the family to a great evening out.

Vauxhall Pleasure GardensĀ 

The celebrations at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens aren’t just lasting a day – they’re going on for 15 of them. The Fire Festival spends two weeks incorporating Halloween, Guy Fawkes and all sorts of fire-based theatre with dramatic effects. See parkour displays, fire-eaters, face-painters, lots of music, and, of course, a spectacular fireworks show. Book a room in our London Vauxhall hotel to be right in the thick of it.


If you haven’t taken the family to Legoland yet or perhaps you just haven’t been recently, there’s no better time to go than between 26th October and 2nd November. The fireworks won’t just be impressive – they’ll also be super hero themed, and viewable in an extra dimension with 3D glasses. Our Windsor Central hotel is just a few miles down the road, so why not make a family holiday out of it?

Glasgow GreenĀ 

Scotland’s largest fireworks display is a great place to head for Guy Fawkes Night celebrations. Glasgow Green will be taken over by a funfair, food stalls, and lots of entertainment on the 5th November. Then, at 7.30pm, you can look forward to a stunning 30-minute fire work show set to music from bands and an accompanying laser display. Best of all, it’s free, so book to stay in our Glasgow Central hotel to be a part of it.

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