Favourite UK Travel Apps

Gone are the days when planning a good trip away meant hours of advanced research pouring over guidebooks. Mobile technology and the world of apps have made it so that you can find out how to make the most of any new destination on the go. If you’re planning a UK break this summer, don’t forget to download some of our favourite travel apps before you go:


 Navigate: HopStop

If you’re trying to navigate your way around an unfamiliar city, public transport can seem like a nightmare. But HopStop is a whizzy little app that will patch together a journey for you using any of the most convenient forms of public transport. Next time you’re going on a city break, download this free app before you set off.


Explore: Pin Drop

If you don’t fancy carrying around several hefty guidebooks every time you go somewhere new, but you still want to see the best sites around, Pin Drop is the answer. Simply drop a “pin” wherever you find yourself, and the app will tell you all the best things to do in the surrounding area.


Stop off: AA Parking

Apps that find car parks are all well and good. But what you’re really looking for when driving around is a free parking space. AA Parking will direct you to car parks that actually have spaces, as well as giving you an idea of how much you’ll have to pay per hour.


 Learn: Museums Mobile

You know there’s a museum around here somewhere… but where is it and what’s it actually like? All questions will be answered by the oracle of cultural knowledge that is Museums Mobile. With a database of thousands of museums, and GPS functionality that will direct you to them, this app will guarantee you get your culture fix.


Eat: Yell

When it comes to finding where to eat, Yell has got it sussed. The app doesn’t just rate restaurants for you, it also finds local ones and directs you to them, tells you whether they’re open, explains what type of food they serve and estimates how much it’ll cost.


Go out: Time Out

Whichever city you are heading to, make sure you download the Time Out app before you go. As well as guides to restaurants and attractions, this app also has event listings and a nightlife guide, which helps guarantee that the end of the day isn’t the end of your city experience.


Remember: Trip Journal

Perhaps big old photo albums are a thing of the past. But it’s still nice to have something to flick back through to remind you of your travels. Trip journal creates a virtual scrapbook for you, with maps of your journey, geo-tagged photos, videos, notes and anything else you choose to add.


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