The Most Unusual Museums in the UK

As well as the larger, more well known museums, Britain is home to some really great, lesser-known and interesting museums. Perfect for anybody interested in the strange or obscure, here’s our pick of the some of the best:

The Hunterian Museum

Walking in to The Hunterian Museum in central London is like stepping in to the world of a mad scientist! Filled with bell jars and strange instruments, this is the place to see all the weird and wonderful deformities of nature. Located at The Royal College of Surgeons, this historical museum houses everything from the elephant man’s foot to tiny skeletons. It might sound a bit strange, but these specimens have helped to advance medicine in a huge number of ways. Great for curious minds and lovers of blood and gore. Stay in a London Travelodge to be nearby and see what else London has to offer.

The Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum is another intriguing museum, located in Forest Hill, with a large natural history collection and beautiful gardens. In Victorian times John Horniman started collecting all kinds of objects and since then the museum has grown and grown. Here you will be able to see all sorts of natural specimens, including taxidermies, insects and other historical objects, ranging from mummies to dinosaur footprints. There is also a fantastic aquarium. Stay nearby to enjoy a whole day at this museum.

Museum of Witchcraft

The Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall is the world’s largest collection of items of witchery. The museum has been running for over 50 years and is actually one of the most popular museums in the area. Visitors with young children are warned that some of the exhibitions may be deemed controversial. Stay in stunning Cornwall, for a lovely break!

The Dog Collar Museum

Verging on the downright eccentric is The Dog Collar Museum in Leeds. The items on display are not necessarily for everybody but they do promise a unique day out. The Dog Collar Museum is actually found at Leeds Castle so anybody can make this part of a really interesting trip. The collection spans 500 years and might leave you feeling a little amazed. Stay nearby to enjoy the beautiful city of Leeds.

dog collar

Phone Box Museum

The Phone Box Museum in Wales is probably the worlds smallest museum. Housed inside a single red phone box the museum is dedicated to a deceased local photographer, Tom Mathias, and houses some of his work. Located in the village of Cilgerran you will have to be careful not to miss this one. It is definitely worth popping in on any holiday in nearby Wales.

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