Celebrating National Drive-Thru Day


National Drive-Thru Day is an American holiday celebrated on the 24th July every year. This tasty holiday celebrates all things that come from the comfort of your car, providing the perfect excuse for a stop at one of your favourite road side restaurants whilst enjoying a drive. If you are spending many hours travelling, for business or pleasure, then visiting a drive-thru restaurant is the perfect option before falling into an extra comfy bed at a Travelodge. We all know fast food isn’t always that healthy, but treating yourself to your favourite meal after a long drive is well worth the guilty pleasure. Here are some of the best restaurants in the UK to get the great drive-thru experience, and something a little different, to make the most of your National Drive-Thru Day.

1. McDonalds

McDonalds is one of the worlds favourite fast food restaurants with plenty of drive-thru locations around the UK so you can enjoy a full meal or a quick snack without even leaving your vehicle. McDonalds always has some great deals and the menu is diverse and has something for everybody. If you love your burgers, choose a Big Mac meal with your favourite soft drink or opt for a healthy choice, such as a grilled chicken salad or deli wrap. McDonalds has worked hard at making its products healthier in the last few years, so if you choose the right meal, your feast can be completely guilt free. The nearest McDonalds can even be found on your sat nav, so you will never be lost when it comes to going on a McDonalds hunt.

2. Route 66 Drive-IN Cinema

If you would rather drive in than drive through, then travel to one of the Route 66 Drive-IN cinemas in Manchester or Liverpool. Book tickets in advance to enjoy watching a film from your car on the big screen. You will be given a ticket with the frequency of a radio station to tune your car radio to, so you can hear the film and even pre-order hot Dominoes food and classic cinema snacks to be delivered to your car during the screening. A great way to celebrate National Drive-Thru Day!

3. Starbucks

If you fancy a coffee in your car, then head to one of the Starbucks drive-thru locations dotted around the country. Drive-thrus are on the up in the UK, and as coffee helps keep you awake, it is a perfect option on a long drive. Enjoy a short and sharp espresso or pick something fancy like a Mocha Frapuccino. If you feel like something thirst quenching, then opt for a Starbucks Refesha, which is made from green coffee, so it looses that typical coffee taste and comes in either orange or cool lime.

4. Krispy Kreme

For a real sweet treat head to one of the seven Krispy Kreme drive-thrus in Manchester, Enfield, Bristol, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Leeds or Shannons Corner. This truly American restaurant serves all your favourite doughnuts, from the Original Glazed to the yummy Lemon Meringue Pie and their newest, Peanut Butter Kreme. The Krispy Kreme dozen is hard to resist, so pick a selection for yourself or share amongst your family and friends. You can also personalize your Krispy Kreme selection for special occasions or make a special Krispy Kreme tower, just to celebrate National Drive-Thru Day.

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