Britons spend £8 billion annually resolving sleep issues

Good Night, Sleep Tight! is not the case for nearly half of British adults.

The average Briton is just getting six hours and 14 minutes of sleep a night – which is nearly two hours less than the recommended quota. During this time they will wake up twice and also spend two nights of the week tossing and turning, and fretting that they can’t sleep. These findings have been revealed in a new study out today.

The research commissioned by Travelodge, polled 2,000 Britons in a bid to find out the nation’s sleeping habits. Key findings revealed that in response to Britons not getting a good quality night’s sleep they are forking out collectively £8 billion annually on sleep aids and on key items to make them look and feel good due to lack of sleep.
The report has highlighted that stress is the biggest culprit for the nation’s lack of sleep, followed by being too hot, being uncomfortable and being wide awake due to bedtime social media activity. Money worries, a partner’s fidgeting or snoring and being nervous or excited about something the next day also leave people struggling to sleep.

The report also revealed that the average adult likes to get their head down on two firm pillows, under a 10.5 tog duvet and sleep in either pyjamas or completely naked. The number one thing Britons love to do when they have got into bed is to watch TV, read a book, online shopping, check Facebook and respond to work emails. The study also found that 41% of adults on average rate their sleep as poor. Only one in ten adults reported that they get a very good night’s sleep.

After nodding off at 11.11pm on a weeknight and 11.34pm on a weekend, Britons will get a total of just six hours and 14 minutes’ sleep before waking up again. During the night, the average adult also wakes up twice, lying awake for 18 minutes a time – 36 minutes a night – trying to get back to sleep. Britons also spend an average of two nights a week struggling to get to sleep and will toss and turn each night for an hour and 32 minutes before they finally drop off.

It also emerged from the report that over a third (34%) of Britons collectively spend over £2 billion a year on remedies in their quest to get a good quality night’s sleep. Sleep aids include nose strips, sleeping supplements and chamomile tea.

However four out of ten adults (39%) impact their quality of sleep by playing with their mobile phone or tablet in bed before going to sleep. Over a third of Britons cannot go to the land of nod without checking Facebook and other social media channels. Whilst a quarter of adults admit to drinking tea or coffee within an hour of going to bed and 22% regularly fall asleep with their TV on.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said:

“Our sleeping habits have radically changed over the last decade. Nowadays due to the convenience of smart phones, bedtime is now a time to: work, shop, socialise and basically cram more activities into our lives; which can affect the length and quality of our sleep.”

“We recognise that our sleeping habits have changed and based on customer feedback, we have launched a new room concept called the SuperRoom. This room has been designed around our modern sleeping habits and encompasses all the key elements to help attain a good night sleep. This includes a more residential décor with a colour scheme to help you relax and aid sleep. A comfy king-size bed, mood lighting and black out curtains. It also includes lots of power & USB points within the room for all of our devices , a Lavazza fresh pod coffee machine and a Hansgrohe Rain dance shower to help your feel refreshed in the morning.”

As a result of their poor sleeping habits and not getting enough sleep, over half of the nation (54%) spends collectively £6 billion on items to make them look good and energised. This includes coffee, energy drinks / food to help them wake up and on make-up and creams to help them look good. The report also revealed that a third of adults drink more coffee than usual to hide their tiredness while 12% rely on sweet treats. One in ten tired Britons turn to energy drinks to help them get through the day whilst one in twenty take a supplement to keep them going.
Worryingly, 27% of respondents reported that their tiredness leads to rows with their partner, almost one in four make mistakes at work and one in ten have even fallen asleep in the office.

The report also found the nation’s most sleep derived Britons can be found in Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Belfast and Liverpool. The table below details where the UK’s most sleep deprived Britons can be found:

Top ten cities Average amount of sleep Average annual spend on sleep aids Average annual spend on items to look and feel good due to lack of sleep
Birmingham 6 hours 4 minutes £134.68 £270.92
Cardiff 6 hours 8 minutes £150.28 £290.68
Bristol 6 hours 9 minurtes £138.84 £214.24
Belfast 6 hours 10 minutes £156.52 £257.92
Liverpool 6 nours 14 minutes £130.52 £130.52
Reading 6 nours 18 minutes £80.60 £166.902
Norfolk 6 nours 20 minutes £86.32 £152.88
Nottingham 6 hours 23 minutes £111.28 £188.24
Glasgow 6 hours 26 minutes £148.20 £252.20
Leeds 6 hours 27 minutes £86.32 178.36

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