6 New Year destinations you may not have thought of

Instead of following the crowd this December 31st, why not venture to somewhere out of the ordinary and see in the new year somewhere new? Read our list of 6 destinations you wouldn’t have thought of…

1. Watch the Comrie Flambeaux procession- Perthshire

If you visit the Scottish highland village of Comrie this New Year’s Eve it may seem like you’ve gone back in time. Watch on as this ancient procession rolls through the  streets to the sound of bagpipes, with locals dressed in all manner of eye-catching outfits. Torches are lit at the chime of midnight and then plunged into the River Earn once the parade is complete with the aim of ridding the village of evil spirits.

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2. Allendale Tar Bar’l- Northumberland

This 160 year tradition is unlike many other New Year celebrations you would’ve seen before. Visitors and residents alike descend on the town of Allendale for a night filled with revelry, music and dancing to bring the year to a close. From 11pm the crowds gather at the town centre to observe the historic sizzling spectacle which involves 45 colourfully-clad men called ‘guisers’ walking through the streets with barrels of hot tar, in a show of strength to get to the centre of town and the ceremonial bonfire.

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3. Stargaze at Brecon Beacons – Wales

While having a big party to celebrate the start of the new year may be an exciting thought, kicking back and seeing in the start of 2019 among the relaxing and peaceful picturesque Brecon Beacons is also just as inviting. On a clear night, the sky sparkles with stars in a sight you wouldn’t get to see in any nightclub or bar.

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4. Take a dip at the Saundersfoot New Year’s Day swim – Pembrokeshire

Diving into the water- especially in January- may send a shiver up your spine, but starting your year with a bracing swim could be the perfect beginning to 2019. Founded in 1984 as a one off event for charity, the New Year’s Day event soon gathered plenty of attention from the community and beyond. Brave entrants take on the chilly waters still to raise money or simply for the fun of it. For those who aren’t feeling as brave, the harbour and beachfront offer a great place to watch on.

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5. Marvel at St Ives New Year’s Eve party

Wintry coastal walks and fantastic scenery meets celebratory street fun and fireworks. If you want a more lively start to 2019 in a seaside setting, then St Ives is the place to be on December 31st. Kicking off in the early evening on the harbour, with fancy dressed fun, dancing and street food, the crowds then descend on to the waterfront for the strike of midnight to see the spectacular soaring illuminations.

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6. Rave it up in Leicester

You wouldn’t expect one of the biggest raves in the country this New Years Eve to be in the city of Leicester, but in a few weeks time, Raver’s Reunited’s One Big NYE party at the o2 Academy will be the top destination for some of the UK’s top DJ’s playing all the way through the night to the early hours of 2019.

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