Cheapest cities in the UK for a pint revealed

If you’re always looking for new ways to save some pennies, then look no further! When you next find yourself umming and ahhing about the rising price of a pint from your local pub, you’re not the only one. Research shows that the amount of people shocked by the cost of a pint has risen by 10%! 

But there’s no need to cut back on socialising, as we’ve rounded up the most affordable cities in the UK for a pint!

8. Swansea – £3.65

This Welsh coastal city has plenty to offer, including plenty of beaches, stunning scenery and especially a wide range of pubs and bars. As well as hopping down to the local for a cheap pint, there are plenty of other exciting things to be doing in Swansea, such as visiting the National Waterfront Museum or travelling down to the famous town of Mumbles for some sightseeing.

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7. Leicester – £3.63

Sat just south of sports university town Loughborough, Leicester boasts two prominent universities and prides itself on its sport and culture. This includes plenty of restaurants, pubs and bars serving pints from just £3.63! If you’re visiting for a drink or two, why not have a gander around the local attractions? The beauty of Leicester is that everything is so close together, meaning you can get a lot packed into a short trip.

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6. Peterborough – £3.50

This stunning city located in Eastern England is known for its Gothic-style cathedrals and heavy theatre scene. The area is also full of amazing pubs and eateries, meaning that scoring that cheap pint is very likely at all ends of the city. If you’re visiting for a trip, why not visit the stunning Nene Park, guaranteeing you a day of relaxation. Or perhaps catch a show at The Cresset Theatre, one of Peterborough’s finest.

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5. Gloucester – £3.50

Located on the River Severn near the Cotswolds, this stunning city boasts the country’s most inland port. With plenty of pubs and eateries scattered around, it should be no problem bagging yourself a pint at the low cost of just £3.50. If you want to get a taste of Gloucester’s finest cheese, then visit in Spring for one of the quirkiest festivals in the UK. Residents and visitors come to the steep hill to participate in and watch the spectacle that is cheese-rolling.

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4. Perth – £3.46

Often confused with the city of Australia, this Scottish location is perfect for anyone looking to enrich themselves in the culture. There are plenty of dine-in restaurants and establishments to get your pint for just £3.46! For visitors that are keen on walking, you can stroll through the woods up Kinnoull Hill for various viewpoints, including views across the city and along the River Tay. The clifftop Kinnoull Tower is an awe-inspiring sight.

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3. Kingston upon Hull – £3.32

More commonly known as Hull, this Eastern-Yorkshire port city lies on the northern side of the Huber Estuary. As you may guess, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants for you to enjoy a pint at the riverside. If you’re visiting for the day, why not stop by Hull’s famous award-winning aquarium The Deep, packed with plenty of spectacular sea creatures? Or perhaps if you’re wanting to learn more about the culture, why not visit the Streetlife Museum, home to over 200 years of transport history!

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2. Inverness – £3

Known as the capital of the Highlands, Inverness is the ideal base for exploring the surrounding area and has plenty of attractions. Go upstream along the River Ness by foot or cycle and cross the footbridge to the beautiful Ness Islands. Keen walkers can continue to the Caledonian Canal. Once you’ve explored the sights, treat yourself to a refreshing pint for just £3 at the award-winning Hootenanny pub. The breathtaking Inverness Castle in the city centre offers excellent 360-degree views along the River Ness.

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1. Derby – £3

Coming in joint 1st is the rural city of Derby. Located on the banks of the River Derwent, this city houses plenty of culture from museums, to art galleries, to the Derby Gothic Cathedral. Being a popular University city, this location is perfect for anyone looking to grab a cold pint for just £3, matching the cost of a meal deal! If you’re out and about for the day, why not visit the Derby Silk Museum and learn more about the fascinating Derwent Valley.

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