Dublin’s Hidden Gems: The most unsung things to see in Ireland’s capital

If you’re taking a trip to Dublin, there’s no doubt you’ve got an incredible lineup of activities to enjoy, eateries to indulge in, and landmarks to see. But there’s much more to Ireland’s capital than many realise.

In this blog, we’ve compiled 6 of Dublin’s hidden gems to help you experience the best of the city and escape the herds of tourists!

1. Iveagh Gardens (Dublin’s Secret Garden)

Dublin's Secret GardenNicknamed Dublin’s secret garden, it would be impossible not to include Iveagh Gardens in our lineup of the city’s hidden gems. This beautiful inner-city escape was designed over 150 years ago in 1865, featuring plenty of eye-catching details. Inside, you’ll find two diligently sculptured fountains, a spectacular waterfall, and a sundial at the centre of the Iveagh maze. There’s also a vibrant rosarium which springs to life in summer, expansive woodland, and plenty of rockeries. The keepers maintain the grounds immaculately, providing ample opportunities to snap beautiful photos. Why not take the whole family for a breath of fresh air in the city?

2. Brú na Bóinne

Historic sight in DublinFancy a trip out of the city during your stay in Dublin? Brú na Bóinne, also known as Boyne Valley Tombs, is an excellent choice. Located in County Meath, this incredible spot is home to three prehistoric passage tombs dating back to 3200 BC, as well as an engaging visitor centre. The World Heritage Site provides visitors with a peek into what life was like in the Neolithic Age, from where they lived to how they kept alive. Inside the tombs, there’s even a chance to get up close to the architecture with in-depth guided tours. If you’re intrigued by prehistoric Ireland, Brú na Bóinne is a day out you cannot miss!

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3. Howth Cliff Walk

Sea views in Dublin If spectacular sea views are your kind of thing, you’ll absolutely adore Howth Cliff. Just a short distance from the bustling city of Dublin, this picture-perfect spot provides a chance to snap those all-important holiday photos with the entire family. Why not see the area by tackling the well-loved Howth Cliff Path Loop? This 6km clifftop walk takes around 2 hours to complete, starting and finishing in the idyllic village of Howth. Along the way, you’ll see the lighthouse, plenty of greenery, and get a peek into the villager’s lives. Remember to take your walking boots – the clifftop terrain can be a little rough underfoot, but it’s all worth it to see the stunning coastline!

4. Marsh’s Library

For book lovers, a trip to Marsh’s Library is essential when visiting Dublin. The phenomenal building is over 300 years old and is ripe with history inside. In fact, it was the very first public book collection in Ireland back in 1707. Whether you’re searching for a particular book or stopping by to appreciate the 18th century architecture, you’re in for a real treat. The gallery walls are lined with deep mahogany wood bookshelves where over 25,000 classics are stored. There’s even a secret garden to explore! Without a doubt, this is one of Dublin’s most fascinating attractions.

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5. National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland

National Leprechaun MuseumIf there’s one thing Ireland is famous for, it has to be the leprechaun! These cheeky tricksters are well known for their tiny stature and are typically seen with a pot of gold. Promising plenty of fun and lots of magic, the National Leprechaun Museum certainly deserves a place on your Dublin itinerary. This immersive experience is a lighthearted way to learn all about mythical Ireland. Visitors can choose between day or night tours, and will be treated to a myriad of captivating stories from the on-site Storytellers. Make sure to take your camera with you, you’ll definitely want to snap some memories!

6. The Hungry Tree

The Hungry Tree DublinWhat was once just a simple form of nature has now turned into a rather unorthodox attraction. Located in the grounds of Ireland’s oldest law school, King’s Inns, the Hungry Tree is an 80-year-old London Plane tree that just keeps growing. So much so that the cast iron bench sitting beneath it has been sucked into the trunk as the bark continues to spread. We’re pretty certain you won’t have seen anything like it before. So, if only to take a photograph, the Hungry Tree is definitely worth a visit!

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