Places to visit in the UK if you’re a Bridgerton fan

The social season is upon us once more… The third season of Netflix’s Bridgerton is backing and taking the nation by storm, giving us even more pomp and dazzlement than ever before! 🎻

If you’ve already binge-watched the scandalous costume drama, and need your next Bridgerton fix (us too), then why not explore the locations where all the raunchy romances and glamorous balls take place? From grand country estates and breathtaking parklands, we’ve rounded up the best.

So tighten up your corsets, pop a bottle of ratafia and take a peek at the below!

Royal Crescent – Bath

This row of 30 terraced houses in central Bath is iconographic among many motion pictures. Back in the 1800s, Royal Crescent would have been a buzzing social hub for residents and remains one of the many sites of Regency architecture in the country.

Many fans will recognise it instantly from the Bridgerton series, as it also doubles as the Featherington household. This historic arch has since been transformed into a museum that replicates Victorian house furnishings. It also has a perfect view of Royal Victoria Park that you may recognise from many background shots throughout the series.

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Leigh Court – Bristol

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If you’re wanting to experience life just like the Featheringtons and Bridgertons, then look no further! This grand country house located in Somerset was featured in the show to host their lavish balls and is the perfect venue for weddings and private events.

You may recognise Leigh Court from the scene where Daphne makes her grand entrance. With 9 rooms total, you’ll get lost in the rustic feel of this estate that was originally built to house Sir Philip John Miles in 1811. The venue is also not far away from Leigh Woods, a beautiful woodland area perfect for admiring the views of Bristol.

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The Rangers House – Greenwich

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You may recognise the Rangers House as the home of the Bridgerton family, featured throughout the series. Located just on the boundary of Greenwich, this grand estate is home to The Wernher Collection, a 19th-century world-class art gallery.

With each room decorated and furnished to replicate the renaissance theme of the house’s time period, there’s no doubt that a visit to this landmark would get you feeling like a true Bridgerton.

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Painshill Park – Surrey

The gorgeous grounds of Painshill Park played an important role in Bridgerton, being the set of all of the character’s promenades. See the park from scenes such as the Duke and Daphne on their walk, and the Featheringtons having lunch under a gazebo.

Take a walk among nature with a loved one at this stunning location bustling with wildlife and nature. With many different things to see such as their Crystal Grotto, the Temple of Bacchus, their expansive lake Serpentine, and their exclusive vineyard, this park is perfect for a day in the sun.

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Hampton Court Palace – Richmond-upon-Thames

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Famous for being the home of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is also home to royalty in Bridgerton. Explore the palace walls and gain insight into how the dramatic lives of Henry and his wives were back then. With stunning room recreations such as the Great Hall and the Tudor kitchens, you will truly feel like you’re stepping into the past.

The home of the character Queen Charlotte, these scenes are mainly set in the garden of the palace, surrounded by 60 acres of stunning flowers and shrubbery. Look out for this location as it features frequently in the new season!

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Castle Howard – North Yorkshire

Step into the shoes of the Duke and Duchess of Hastings in their stately home Clyvedon Castle, otherwise known as Castle Howard. This stunning estate is no stranger to a camera, having been featured on many different period dramas and shows. Walk among history and explore their rooms full of art exhibitions and artefacts from the castle itself.

Many areas of this 17th-century ground feature in the series, as well as the nearby Coneysthorpe Village that doubles as the village the pair frequently visited for their duties.

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Bath Guildhall – Bath

Used as the site where the Bridgertons hosted their very first ball, this city building has its own history dating back to the 18th century. Located right in the centre of Bath, this Victorian beauty is definitely one for the list if you’re looking to expand your Bridgerton brain, or perhaps looking for somewhere to host your very own ball!

While you’re visiting, why not stop by the Guildhall Market for some refreshments and visit some retail shops for the perfect day out.

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