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Top 5 free autumn activities

Falling leaves, early evening sunsets lighting up the skies with bursts of oranges and purples, food festivals, fireworks and pumpkins, autumn is officially here.

top 5 free autumn activities

1. Visit a food market
With the colder weather drawing in, grabbing some delicious, warming grub is a welcome treat. Across the UK this autumn there are several amazing food markets where you can peruse and sample some top notch specialities and snacks.

The award-winning Brighton and Hove food and drink festival – Autumn Harvest from 6th until 16th September offers visitors fab food for all the autumn festivities. As well as food masterclasses and vineyard tours, there is also a food trail and a food lab where you can try some of your favourite foods with a quirky twist – perfect for the whole family.
> Brighton and Hove food festival

Southbank Centre food market offers gastronomic travellers something new, fresh and vibrant every weekend from 7th September until 23rd December. Delve into seasonal specialities, creative creations and many other foodie favourites at one of London’s most popular food destinations.
> Southbank Centre food market

Bristol’s yearly foodie favourite, Love food festival, is back offering tasty treats, fresh produce and innovative food ideas. From an array of local cheeses to fresh seafood, irresistible cakes and lashings of speciality chutneys and sauces, this autumn festival is jam packed with everything you could eat so come prepared with an empty stomach!
> Bristol Love Food Festival

top 5 free autumn activities

2. Take a city tour
Guided tours are a great way to find out some unique local knowledge – and they don’t all have to cost money. With the colder, darker nights drawing in, why not embrace the spooky side of life and listen to some local legends.

Free London walking tours offer visitors exactly what it says on the tin- free tours of London, all with their own theme. Take a sinister Jack the Ripper tour where you can learn more about the man behind the myth, uncover some long hidden hotspots on a secret London tour, or discover how London has overcome fire, plague and warfare.
> Free London walking tours

If you’re in Edinburgh then a walk with Edinburgh City explorers is a great way to explore the Scottish city in depth, and they have tours suitable for everyone – even the diehard Harry Potter fan. Why not wait until the sun sets and follow a ghost tour to discover Edinburgh’s darker side including body snatching gruesome tortures and public executions.
> Edinburgh city explorers

See all the sights and sounds of Manchester and learn the history of this vibrant city on a free Manchester walking tour. Learn all about Manchester’s colourful industrial past, musical influencers and lesser known quirks, all without spending a pretty penny.
> Free Manchester walking tours

top 5 free autumn activities

3. Visit a museum
Fun and family friendly – a trip to the museum is always a firm favourite. This autumn, museums up and down the UK are putting on some fascinating exhibits and events for you to enjoy all season long – and some museums are even opening late.

Retrace your steps and go back in time at the From the Beginning gallery at the Natural History Museum. Walk alongside dinosaurs, sea creatures, fossils and mammals from the beginning of time as you go on a journey of discovery from the big bang to the present day.
> Natural History Museum

The Merseyside Maritime Museum offers something for all the family. Learn more about the famous ‘unsinkable’ ship Titanic with fun activities for all ages. Adults can also head underground and explore the old dock, while the little ones can discover the ways of the smuggler and get hands on with smuggler contraband.
> Merseyside Maritime Museum

If you’re staying further north this autumn, why not visit the National Museum of Scotland for some fun entertainment for all ages. Look around the permanent exhibits, or join in the fun and take part in one of the many events going on around the museum. There’s even a spooky Saturday event for kids who want to unleash their wild side.
> National Museum of Scotland

top 5 free autumn activities

4. Discover some hidden gems
This autumn around the UK, thousands of places will be opening their doors, gardens and open spaces for curious visitors and locals alike. Marvel at rare sights, discover hidden treasures and uncover some local legends- all for free throughout September.

Look no further than Heritage Open days for free open events across England. Peek into old churches, see a pop up museum, take a guided walk and even visit an edible roof garden.
> Heritage Open Days

If you’re visiting Scotland this autumn, then check out some of the events from the Doors Open Days heritage  festival. Explore old castles, unique museums and even cemeteries.
> Doors Open Days

top 5 free autumn activities

5. See the autumn colours
Golden browns, reds and oranges will soon be here so why not make the most of the new season to enjoy a walk or picnic in the park – after all, big pile of autumn leaves are too irresistible not to jump through.

The Lake District is a beautiful place to visit all year round, but with new autumn colours coming in, it makes for some spectacular sights. Climb the many rolling hills or hop on your bike for the best views.
> The Lake District

With 2,500 acres of picturesque park and woodland, Richmond Park is a great choice for enjoying the autumn colours in the capital. The sights at sunrise are highly recommended as the sunlight hits the leaves.
> Richmond Park

Wendover Woods with its massive expanse of woodland is the perfect place to see the autumn colour kaleidoscope in its full glory. Take a picnic and enjoy under an autumnal tree canopy.
> Wendover Woods