Tips you need for surviving London as a tourist

London is a fast-paced city where costs can quickly add up, so knowing what to do and what not to do can be the key to your trip.

Take a look at our 18 tips you need for surviving London as a tourist and make the most of your city break!

1. Have your ticket or card ready BEFORE you get to the barrier, or risk releasing the wrath of local Londoners!

2. If you must stand still on an escalator, make sure you stand on the right.

3. Take advantage of the Citymapper app (especially when tube strikes are possible).

Citymapper app4. Utilise the National Rail 2FOR1 entry at top London attractions!

5. Beware of cyclists – they’re everwhere and take no prisoners!

6. Avoid taking the tube from Charing Cross to Embankment. Or Leicester Square to Covent Garden.

Tourist in London7. There will be another tube in a few minutes so don’t panic.

8. The best way to learn about London’s culture and history is museums and galleries – which are often free!

Tate Britain9. Don’t hesitate to press the door open button on a train, but NEVER press it on the tube.

10. Make the most of London’s diverse food scene. You can eat at chain restaurants anywhere!

London Food Market11. Never take the stairs at Covent Garden tube station. You can thank us later.

12. Don’t underestimate cloudy London weather.

13. Don’t dawdle on the pavement. If you want to snap a pic, try and stay out of the way.

London Tourist14. Flash your best smile at people on the tube. They’ll think you’re a nutter and move away from you, giving you more space.

15. Beware there are more Pret’s than London skyscrapers!

Pret A Manger16. Don’t fret if you see foxes walking the streets, in broad daylight. This is a common occurrence.

17. Don’t change tube lines at Bank. Seriously, it’s a labyrinth!

18. Lastly, don’t fall asleep on the night bus/tube – Instead, get a room at a great rate!

Travelodge roomStay nearby