Spookiest Ghost Tours in the UK

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to get in the spooky spirit and how better to do that than to give yourself a good fright on a ghost tour. Whether you are a tourist visiting the UK, or just looking for things to do, there is so much to unearth within the darkness. From gruesome executions to devious spirits trapped on the material plane, these tours and locations will put you right in the mouth of these mysteries. 

The Ghost Bus Tours, LONDON

ghost bus

The Necrobus has been in public service for over a decade now, running daily haunted tours of the best of Edinburgh, London and York, entertaining tourists worldwide. The tour is set on a classic 1960’s Routemaster bus, their signature midnight-black livery, antique lamps and plush red velvet curtains. Your tour guides on this chilling journey consist of classically-trained actors, with excellent reputations for high-class customer care. See top attractions in style, while being immersed in an immersive theatre show experience. Not to mention Ghost Bus Tours have been the recipients of several awards over the years for their service, including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

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London Central Waterloo

London Covent Garden

London Central Southwark

Mercat Tours, EDINBURGH


Mercat Tours is easily the goriest and most terrifying ghost tour company in Edinburgh. You will learn of spine-chilling, true stories whilst being taken on a dark and eerie journey through Old Town’s sinister wynds before descending into the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults. This ghost tour begins above ground at the Mercat Cross, before travelling through the city’s narrow cobblestone streets where multiple murders and misdeeds have occurred. You’ll learn about the secret lives of many disturbing characters that led to horrific deaths and tormented souls. Please note – this experience contains stories that may not be suitable for those under the age of 18.

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Edinburgh Central

Edinburgh Central Waterloo Place

Edinburgh Central Rose Street

The Original Ghost Walk of York, YORK


The Original Ghost Walk of York is believed to be the first exclusive Ghost Walk in the World! It’s known for being genuine, authentic, and mysterious, exploring the most haunted locations in York. Established in 1973, they have years of practice when it comes to providing a fantastically disturbing experience. The Original Ghost Walk of York offers a night of history and mystery, promising to capture your imagination and attention.

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York Central Micklegate

York Central

York Central Layerthorpe

Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Tour, SHREWSBURY


For many years Shrewsbury Prison was a horrifying place of execution that was carried out in front of huge crowds open for public spectacle. Crowds would often turn up early to make sure they had the best seats to view the deaths. Shrewsbury’s last ever public hanging was in 1863 when 30-year-old Edward Cooper was executed for murder. This particular execution was its most popular, with over 10 times previous crowds. Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Tour is not for the faint-hearted as many have claimed to have seen the eerie silhouette of the ‘Shadow Man’ watching them from a distance.

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Shrewsbury Bayston Hill

Shrewsbury Battlefield

Telford Shawbirch

Bath Ghost Tours, BATH


Bath itself is crawling with ghosts from all periods of the city’s history, far too many to fit into just one 90 minute tour. Consequently, the tour will last for a total of 105 minutes. The stories included in the tour have been selected for their individuality, gruesomeness, and likelihood of genuine paranormal sighting! Bath Ghost Tours are an exciting combination of grisly storytelling, theatre, audience participation and paranormal experiments.

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Bath City Centre

Bath Central

Bath Waterside

The Gravedigger Ghost Bus, DUBLIN

ghost bus 2

Climb aboard an atmospheric bus that has been built and kitted out by one of Ireland’s leading theatre set design companies. Hop aboard The Gravedigger Ghost Bus, where you will join professional actors who will take you on a ghoulish journey. Performing as characters from Dublin’s gruesome past, they will also take you to all the scariest spots in Dublin, where you’re most likely to spot some paranormal activity! Hear of gruesome, agonizing tortures, and meet many characters with tales of terror to tell. Finally, be sure to enjoy a ghoulish brew at the Gravedigger’s Pub, known for serving the best pint of Guinness in Ireland!

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Dublin City Centre

Dublin City Centre, Rathmines

Dublin Airport South

The Original Jack the Ripper Murders Tour, LONDON


On The Original Jack the Ripper Murders Tour, you will be taken through the cobbled alleyways and dimly lit passageways that haven’t changed since the infamous unknown killer, lurking in the darkness, brought terror to the very passages that you will be exploring. You will also be given documents from the case to examine to help build a powerful image of how authorities in London tried to solve the multiple Jack the Ripper murders. This tour aims to create an atmosphere that includes everyone. Crowd numbers are managed to a sensible and manageable number meaning you get the best out of this experience. 

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London City

London Central Aldgate East

London Central Tower Bridge

Pluckley Village, KENT


If you’re looking for a more private ghost hunting experience, why not take a trip to the Most Haunted Village in Britain, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, 1989. Amongst Pluckley’s various ghostly tales and sightings is that of The Watercress Woman, who has been reported from numerous sources to have been seen sitting on Pinnock Bridge smoking her pipe. The old woman was well-known in the village for gathering watercress from the river and selling it to the villagers. It is believed that one evening after drinking, she fell asleep smoking her pipe, and within seconds, she was consumed by the flames. It has been said she still haunts Pinnock Bridge, with various witnesses describing a faint pink glow in the spot where she died.

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Maidstone Central

Medway M2

Tunbridge Wells