The Best Photo Opportunities in Britain

For the whole month of May, Cardiff is playing host to Diffusion photography festival. The event is themed “where are we now?” and exhibits the work of the best artists exploring what photography means today. If you want to see some beautiful pictures, book a room in one of our Cardiff hotels to visit the various exhibitions and events throughout the month. Then, perhaps you’ll be inspired to get out and take some more photos of your own. If you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer, here are 6 of the most stunning places to snap a shot around Britain:


1)      Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

The cliffs of this ancient gorge are taller than the Eiffel tower, and with caves, grassy slopes, dramatic drops and rare plants, this area is meant to be photographed. Stay in our Glastonbury hotel to be within easy reach of the prime hiking territory.


2)      Tintagel Island, Cornwall

There are few places with quite as impressive a mythic history as the island that is supposedly the birthplace of King Arthur, and the home to Merlin’s cave. Take some photos in the ruins of Tintagel castle, or along the cliffs of the island, as great waves crash onto the rocks below. Our Wadebridge hotel is just a short drive away.


3)      Stonehenge, Wiltshire

It may be one of the most photographed sites in England, but it’s still definitely worth taking a few of your own snaps at this surreal destination. The awe-inspiring stone structures are quite magical, with their mysterious past and their unique setting in the middle of empty countryside. If you manage to visit on a good weather day, and you get there at the right time, the central circle actually acts as a sort of sundial, and the sun will line up perfectly for a beautiful shot through the stones. Book a room in our Amesbury Stonehenge hotel to witness it for yourself.


4)      Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh is impressive from any angle. But climb up to Arthur’s Seat for sunrise or sunset and you’ll be blown away by its beauty. With a clear view of the imposing Edinburgh castle, and the ruins of a chapel up at the top of the hill, the place is made for photography. Stay in one of our Edinburgh hotels for easy access.


5)      The Royal Crescent, Bath

The entire city of Bath was made a World Heritage Site in 1987, and one look at the stunning architecture will show you why. A visit to the Royal Crescent, which is possibly the most recognizable terrace of houses in England, will have you desperate to snap away, and a room in our Bath hotel will put you just metres from the sweeping promenade.


6)      Stanage Edge, Peak District

If you’ve watched the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, you’re bound to recognise the view from this dramatic cliff in the middle of the Peak District. A great place for hiking and rock-climbing, this area of moorland is wonderfully photogenic. Stay in our Sheffield hotel and you’ll be within easy reach of some epic photo-taking opportunities.

Stanage Sunset

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